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Boaz “Like This”
Pittsburgh's Boaz decided to follow up "How We Law" with the doubly frenetic "Like This." !illmind provides a beat that combines boom-bap and with a grimy riff that's ready to switch up at anytime. Yet, Boaz stays on-point; the beat revolves around him, …
A Theory On How Pharrell Makes A Hit Song
Ever wonder how Pharrell makes such great hits?
Well it seems one journalist has figured out the formula.  According to MrDiscoPop its as simple as a four-count.
To prove his theory he strung together intros to some of the producer’s best work  including hits such as  &l…
Action Bronson Hits Miami In His New Webisode
Action Bronson has brought his adventures back to the states. After having a kick ass time in New Zeland and South Africa, the Queens bred rapper and his crew of misfits has found themselves in Miami.  On episode four of Vice’s Adventure Time With Action Bronson, the former XXL Freshman heads down t…
Drake Likes To Name-Drop Hot Women
Drake name drops a tons of women in his music; some he dated, some he hooked up with, others who he want. But it's always entertaining to hear. Here are the women that Drake name checks

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