Owe Me Back Like You Owe Your Income Tax

Owe me back like 40 acres to blacks, indeed.

SOHH.com workhorse Cyrus Langhorne—who dons either a pseudonym or the best name in rap coverage, including Toure—often does a great job connecting news stories. However, I’m gonna give today’s “Hiyooooo” Award to TMZ’s title for the original piece covering Nas’ federal tax lein.

Kelis will have to wait in line, indeed. Them $45,000 monthly payments are gonna have to be retroactive or some shit.

As if the spousal support hit and forthcoming child support weren’t going break a nigga hard enough, Nas reportedly owes $2.5 million in taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. The fucked up part is I can only think of one thing. If that’s just his federal bill, I wonder what the state jawn looks like. Is this nigga like $5 million dollars in the hole?

I guess that’s why Nas’ name and image are now somberly placed on Hennessy ads–alongside headwrap/coffee shop legends like Common, De La Soul and The Roots–after so adamantly denying participating in a beer commercial on an MTV documentary several years ago. I forget which documentary exactly, but I remember Nas riding in the backseat of a car through New York on his cell phone. He makes a couple of faces that indicate he’s not really listening to the suit on the other end of the line and says “They trynna get me to do a beer commercial. Not gonna happen,” into the camera. This is to put his righteous enlightenment on display for all to see, of course.

Sheeeeeit. Nigga might do a rock cocaine commercial today if they’re paying. Hmmm… Maybe it should be a Rock Co.Kane Commercial. Yeah, I said it! Har. Har. Sorry about the crack jokes. I’ve still got DMX residue in my brain from yesterday.

[Blogger’s Note: Brain ain’t right from inhaling the work all my life. Fuck it!]

It’s gonna take more help from the rapster community than just Ludacris bringing Nas out at performances to beat that price tag. The fucking Universoul Circus is going to have to bring him out when they’re in town. Please note that Ludacris brought Nas out at the Heineken Red Star Soul concert, which is essentially a giant beer commercial with negroes playing live background music. I’d throw down two-to-one that Heineken is the company Nas so smugly turned down for an ad spot on MTV.

Funny how shit comes back full circle like that. This entire situation is probably cosmic getback for “You Owe Me”. Ginuwine has already suffered his share. No one cared. I wonder when Timbaland’s getting his. Or maybe I’m just still bitter about that horrible fucking track.

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P.S.: It seems like nonpayment of bills or their associated repercussions are contagious. Looks like ole Luda just got slapped with a chunky outstanding balance of his own. It might be time for real niggas to seriously quarantine the financially irresponsible in their midst.

I mean, damn. These are supposed to be the niggas that done actually made it and got rich off this shit.

P.P.S.: “You Owe Me” has the 2Pac sex song digression [see: "How Do U Want It", "Toss It Up"], except Nas’ shit is at the beginning… and the song is terrible.

P.P.P.S.: Did I mention that I hate “You Owe Me”?

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  • Chilly Willy

    Heineken brew ain’t just for deceased crew in memory lane, NaS, they’re wonderful for paying child support too. Yeah, you righteous and shit but broke you gon’ have to be a little less choosey.

    IRS got the rappers on bull’s eye for a minute. No wonder Slim Thug made a disclaimer/video about how he made less money. Smarten up !

    Maybe NaS could get on that cologne game, I heard it’s big for rappers now, since celebutantes ain’t doin it that much anymore, though I don’t know how that will work out for NaS…

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    NaS is like…..

    Hip Hop’s version of Charlie Brown.

    I’m proud of him, in the sense that he made it out of the projects & created a viable career, adamantly avoiding being associated with excessive materialism. But on the same token, damn nigga! Where the hell did that money go?

    You figure if he owes that much, he had to have touched a substantial amount of money, even if he’s never been more than moderately popular. Cats can say what they want, but 2.5 million is a big ass number.

    Even Meth probably said, “Daaaaamn shuuun!”.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Y’all knew this was gonna get ugly.

    NaS is about to tour @ speak-easy’s & hole-in-the-walls and drop 16′s at clearance prices.

    “If that’s just his federal bill, I wonder what the state(DON’T FORGET CITY MEXX) jawn looks like. Is this nigga like $5 million dollars in the hole?”

    Sh*t is sad man. Either these cats are that foolish w/bread or someone is dropping some serious quarters in the game…I dropped on Luda’s post I think that lawyer chick is calling in some favors…the chick who said months ago she wants rap cats to be responsible, remember her? Kelis don’t want the feds involved, she don’t collect until they get their’s.

  • Prophecy_projectz

    Well he preformed at the Heiniken event last year too and that Common thing was a charity event that Nas was invited too. So I dont if you can kill him for that.

    Man, I just want Nas to comeback with a strong album in 2010. People love a good comeback story and maybe cats will feel the need to support cause honestly this year has sucked for him. Bad economy, Shelved joint album with Damian Marley, Kelis shafting him and not letting him see the kid and now this shit..
    Fuck, what a sad way for one of my favourite MC’s of all time to go down.

  • Brooklyn

    damn, nas stay losing, i feel sorry for dude. 2.5 million? that’s more money than most niggas will ever see in their lives. nas is gonna start doing performances at county fairs and retirement homes

  • sealsaa

    @ Tony Grands

    Good drop, especially the Charlie Brown comparison (word to Charles Shcultz), and with that, you missed a golden opportunity for a very spirited “Good Grief!”

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


      Yeah man, I was torn between “Good Grief” & how the world’s been yanking football’s out from under him for years.

      Good looks.

  • paychexx

    all i can think of right now is jay-z ” smarten up nas”

    i guess you cant overthrow the govt…..

  • http://xxl.com mygamejustrewind

    Actually the beer company was Coors he turned down & if he owes that amount he should have the cash to be able to pay it. peeps reporting on it like that’s really news.

  • capcobra

    it gotta be a conspiracy champ..it’s just too many “successful” rappers owing the government and lawyers all of a sudden…starting to remind me of that “rapper get caught with gun” phase..i mean DAMN!!…we already know about hip hop police..let me find out they opened a financial branch.

    • Chilly Willy

      Don’t forget about the crack-self-sprinkling epidemic…

  • The Fedz

    This is Kelis fault. I bet when the word spread that Nas somehow had money to be paying CS like Diddy and Russell the IRS went to work on his income. Rappers are notorious for not counting income for shows and demanding cash payments so they dont get taxed. But its always a paper trail and I bet there aint a rapper anywhere whose made some money who dont owe the IRS money.

  • abdulnasir

    At the thought of sounding crazy, let me confess, i am 1 NaS fan who actually liked “You Owe Me”. That being said after having heard his earlier albums (I really wasn’t up on Nas till If I Ruled The World (single-wise) and I AM (album-wise)), I can understand why niggas hate it. NaS may have ethered Jay in their battle… not so much in their personal lives.

    • that nigga

      And your point is Abdul? Im just sayin. But anyway, just pay them NaS and drop Distant Relatives and The Retyrn of Escobar and get on with your life. Fuck everybody.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Afrocentric Asian Half-Man Half-Amazin……….that nigga will be alright.

  • Prophecy_projectz

    On the real, does anyone think this is kinda just speculation?
    Everyone is citing TMZ as the source for the story and yet they havent actually put up the tax files. Even Vibe put the divorce papers up with him and Kelis…

    They have gotten shit about him wrong before. Like saying he had to pay $55k a month when it was $44k and the final decision was still pending.

    Shit might not be as bad as people say

  • BGZ

    Smarten up Nas… take it back to Africa like in Belly (preferrably some country with no extradition laws)!

  • GIFT

    It seems like it should be a mandatory thing for rappers now to have financial advisors. I kind of believe that this is part of a bigger conspiracy to destroy the black entreprenuer in hiphop. At the same time, entertainers should not make the shit easy by not fucking paying their bills. I’m glad I ain’t that nigga. Biggie was fuckin right when he said “more money more problems”. Niggas if u get rich, u better not marry the wrong bitch!!!!!

  • latino heat

    You Owe Me isn’t a great song but it’s still better then Oochie Wally. aka the worst song ever made. that’s the biggest blemish on Nas’s hall of fame career by far.

  • Masta Cheef

    nas was doing his best jayz and pdiddy lovechild act, with a lil bit of ja rule mixed in, in that video. some of the gayest shit evar.