Here are your detailed results from the round of 32!


#1 Yung Berg (90.6%) def. #8 Katt Williams (9.4%)
#5 Octomom (60.1%) def. #4 Alex Rodriguez (39.9%)
#3 Sarah Palin (74.6%) def. #6 Kwame Kilpatrick (25.4%)
#2 Plaxico Burress (75.4%) def. #7 Superhead (24.6%)


#1 Jim Jones (71.6%) def. #8 WSHH Comments (28.4%)
#5 Lil’ Kim (80.8%) def. #13 Juelz “Western Kentucky” Santana (19.2%)
#3 DMX (65.3%) def. #6 Max B (34.7%)
#2 Chris Brown (66.9%) def. #10 Daddy Yankee (33.1%)


#1 Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em (80.3%) def. #9 AIG (19.7%)
#4 George W. Bush (82.2%) def. #12 Jermaine Dupri (17.8%)
#6 Parlae (85.3%) def. #3 Webbie (14.7%)
#2 Gucci Mane (61.9%) def. #7 OJ Da Juiceman (38.1%)


#1 Rick Ross (64.6%) def. #8 Suge Knight (35.4%)
#4 Tyga (55.7%) def. #12 Scott Storch (44.3%)
#3 Coolio (69.7%) def. #6 Frankie F. Baby (30.2%)
#2 Pacman Jones (83.6%) def. #7 Bobby Brown (16.4%)

I can't believe Parlae stole on Webster like that! I knew that one could go either way, but damn. Tyga pulled off one hell of a comeback to send Storch back to treatment empty-handed. Yung Berg obliterated yet another weakling. I'm lovin' it.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Filet-O-Fish.

#1 Yung Berg vs. #5 Octomom

After handling A-Rod like a fourteenth child, Octomom's gotta spank yet another man boy. In her greatest challenge since the cervical sliding board first opened for business, Jolie Junior has to vanquish the dragon that is Yung Bawse and his mighty media fuckrathon. I don't know if Don Qui-ho-tay has a big enough lance. She might be better served slapping him in the mouth. [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

#2 Plaxico Burress vs. #3 Sarah Palin

This is why we watch the DNCAA! Plaxico's had a huuuuuge week! Not only has he been officially released by da GEEEEEEEE MENNNNNNNNNS after taking his time with his plea bargain and associated procedure, but he's got even MORE legal trouble on the way! Having seen what the court of public opnion can do for a nigga like say... Michael Vick, Plaxico needed to be a fucking church mouse. Instead, he's speeding and cussing out sherriffs and shit. Sarah Palin is Sarah Palin. Homegirl's a fucking beast and this is the kind of matchup that tests mettle and establishes legacy! Her combination of power, stupidity, ignorance and pure evil is the stuff of champions! It's FUCKIN AWESOME, BABY! [VOTE @ WWW.RONMEXICOCITY.COM]

As always, the power is yours. Yes, I'm Captain Planet out this motherfucker.

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