The Coldest Winter Evar…

I’m going to go way out on a limb right here and say that ’808′s & Heartbreak’ is the best album of 2008. It will be the one album that we all remember from this year. I’ve already forgotten about the so-called ‘Nigger’ album and the Roots ‘Rising Down’. Are the Roots still a band? I know that ?uestlove has a sneaker, deejays all over the place and loves to fucks with Twitter. Even Lil’ Wayne, who has sold nearly three million copies of the ‘Carter III’ will be eclipsed by the latest offering from ‘Ye Tudda West.

Does anyone make real shit anymore?

I’m not going to act like I have heard the entire album. I’ve heard all the joints that most of you have heard. The intro to Heartbreak, the joint with Jeezy, the joint with Weezy, the joint with Kid Cudeezy. See now, aren’t you glad that trend hasn’t taken hold where we call everyone “eezy” at the back of their names? Everyone is pitching a bitch because the vocal pitch is altered but no one is really listening to the tone, just the autotune.

KanYe is on this album yelling and throwing figurative furniture around the studio. This album is his catharsis for losing the one chick in the world that he could trust. The one broad he ever knew that wasn’t trying to get into his pockets, that wasn’t using him to get close to Jay-Z, Dame, or even that nigga Plain Pat.

Plain Pat what up?

I wonder what kind of pain KanYe experienced when he was young and his parents split up? That shit is hardbody. Big ups to all the dead end kids who find themselves in that emotional purgatory place you go to when your parents go their separate ways. Some of y’all have never known your parents as a family unit. For some of y’all it was always a situation where you went to your father’s crib on weekends or to your father’s mother’s crib if your father was a fuck up. It’s a crazy dynamic if that shit happens when you are still in that cartoon comicbook age and wearing underoos when your dad walks out the door.

Kids blame their parents and kids blame themselves. Truth is that America hates families and America eats the young. The album ’808′s & Heatbreak’ was being written when KanYe’s parents split up. This album is on some raw emotional shit that I wish everybody would do. D.M.X. was the only rapper that I feel like wouldn’t hold back his feelings to get his point across. That nigga wouldn’t give a fuck what anyone said about him. He would smoke his crack, cry, pray to GOD, and then bark at the moon. That nigga was crazy. Everyone is too cool for fucking school. That shit is boring to me now.

I was just reading (I know, sooooo not Hip-Hop) the Spike Lee auto-bio and he talked about losing his mom to cancer while he was still in college. After that moment he had the courage to pick up a Super 8 camera. He always knew that he wanted to make films, but after his mom died he knew he HAD to make films. He found a courage to let his vision be set free. I think KanYe experienced the same feeling when he crossed this threshold in his life. The courage to trust everything in his mind that his mom had imbued to him. Losing your mother is the most hardbody emotional shit evar. Nothing in this world can happen to you worse than that. And then when you get up off the ground after crying your eyes out you realize that you are taller, stronger, harder. No one can tell you nothing.

‘Graduation’ was the prequel to 808′s just like that victory ceremony in Episode 4 was the prequel to that battle on the planet Hoth. That was a cold fucking winter. This will be the coldest winter evar.

In a few years some of y’all will use this album to help you work out of your coldest winter. Don’t act like your big homey Billy X. Sunday didn’t tell you the fucking deal. For a nigga to make a song that would make me fuck with Wayne is an achievement. Maestro did it with ’3-Peat’. Now KanYe does it with ‘C U In My Nightmares’.

I’m not sure which listenership is futuristic enough to embrace this album. It deals with loss on such a level that even I can’t fully understand. When my dad died I thought about all the things that he had done for me to get to the point where I could control my destiny (true story is that he hated that I wanted to be a writer instead of an architect) and how much sacrifice both my parents made for me to pursue my dreams. That’s why I fucks with ’808′s & Heartbreaks’.

This shit is a dedication to all of those that help us get out our dreams.

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  • GO-Getta’

    I lost my pap,grandma & pets 2 & ya’know what?
    It won’t make me go cop Ye latest offering that shit is pure garbage.

    From Dropout 2 Graduation all of those are in my precious collectors sir..but the auto-tune is no no no.
    That’s T-pain lane & his circus is better that 808 & i’ll just download both cds sir…

    I c a name-dropping d**rider all over this blog,thanks 4 the post though.

    • Valdez

      808′s & Heartbreak the best album of ’08?? GTFOHWTBS!!!!!!!!

      Best 3 albums of ’08 are as follows (in no particular order)…

      1. Gnarls Barkley – The Odd Couple
      2. Erykah Badu – New Amerykah
      3. Nas – Untitled

      But I do have to agree that “The Coldest Winter” is a great song and it is by far the best song on the album.

      • Valdez

        I think Ye overthought himself on this album. Technically, this album is not even hip hop. The tracks are too theatrical. They sound like they should be in movies or something. That’s NOT hip hop (no hate). Take “the Coldest Winter” for instance, there’s really no snare on the track. There is a simulated snare but it hits like once every 4 bars.

        This album is more like pop/alternative as opposed to hip hop. It’s obvious he did this so that the album could not be classified as hip hop, which in turn is an attempt to appeal to a much broader audience in an attempt to go diamond or some shit like that.

        Don’t get me wrong, there are a few tight joints on the album, but I must admit that I was pretty disappointed when I heard it.
        Not to sound racist, cause I’m def. not, but I’m sure the white ppl will appreciate this album moreso than us. What’s worse is I feel like it was intended to be that way cause that’s really who actually goes out and buys the albums.

        late registration still holds the title hands down as Ye’s best album, imo.

      • TEZZY

        gnarls barkley was the shit

  • KQ

    fuck that lame pop autotune bullshit…just another kanye bitchfit, except its all on record this time instead of backstage @ the mtv awards or whatever…baby lost his rattle again.

    *bumps ‘wise’ by ghostface for some -real- emotional hiphop*

  • hate hate and more hate

    “In a few years some of y’all will use this album to help you work out of your coldest winter”

    Nigga please, in a few hours after I download his album for free, I will finally have a balanced coffee table, because KanGay Zest’s new Cd with be under the short leg. Fuck KanGay, he’s a big baby. Besides who wants to hear a whole cd crying about his moms and her killer pair of tits? lol Didn’t Nas already do that wack shit when his mother died?

  • Avenger XL

    I agree with you whole heartedly on the expression of emotion part. Ye has always been able to create real songs that touches peoples real lives instead of just acting too cool to have emotion or like some killing fucking money getting machine like most of the rappers do today. Hiphop desperatly needs cats to express real thoughts and emaotions. That is the definition of keeping it real. Every peice of shit who comes on this blog and acts like we all don’t crumble when we are hit with certain adversities. Hell all music is just the expression of various emotional states anyway Joy(celebration see dance music), LOVE,LUST,Lies(see R&B and any ballads from any genre) Anger(Gangsta rap, metal) etc…. The list goes on
    The problem with rap is we are now listening to emotionless dribble for the set of population that wants to just escape reality and play cool or rich. Not to mention the pretention underground scene that keeps spitting out their same sound and labeling it real hip-hop.

    Now after saying all that my problem with 808 and heartbreaks is as follows. I like electronica but the production on this is ok on some songs but it is total bunk on others. When you are experimenting don’t forget the folks who got you there if you want support. If you just wanted something for therapy do the music keep it in your vaults or make an event and give it to your most avante garde fans. But don’t do us like common did with electric circus and force us into a strange place in the name of what you deem growth.

    • tony grand$

      Thanx Avenger XL, I don’t gotta type nothin. Hope u don’t mind a co-sign & a ride on ur coattails sir (no homo).


    Did you forget your medication this morning billy.
    i did rather listern to souldja boy than this pop bullshit

  • 619

    Who woulda thought, Billy doing a piece on Kanye’s new album? What is this, the fifth time? Shit, get off Kanye’s dick already, he don’t even got a release date for the album yet and you’ve already talked about it more than the good albums coming out right now.

  • P-Matik

    “Love Lockdown” is weak. If the album is anything like that then it’s gonna be stale fart status. Come on Billy. You serious, man?? Plus Kanye is hanging by threads as far as rapping goes.

    You still my mans, no love lost. Pause.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Damn, yo…I can’t retort to none of this shit! Though, I can respect any nigga who puts some raw emotion into their work of art, I can’t always bump it in the Esky, nahmean?! For real, for real, God’s Son was alright. That was an okay album, “Made You Look” was on that CD. Even though Nas touched on his mother’s death, he ultimately kept it moving. Which is what you should do, I guess. I’m not about to listen to an hour’s worth of Kanye auto-tuning his teardrops, mang, that’s just not cool. Billy, you still my nigga, though.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • The Music Director, WWIB

    Persuasive shit, BXS– I hope I hear it the same way, hip-hop could use its Marvin “Here, My Dear” and even weirder stuff.

    Also, if you’re gonna fuck your eyes up READING–

    have you checked “Fortress Of Solitude” by Jonathan Lethem?

    If not, you SHOULD. Just on the comics level to start but it’s also a white boy’s attempt to reckon w, say, “Clockers” (and in fact, it’s set exactly where Spike filmed the movie).

    You might not LOVE it but ya’ll are twined up in lotsa interesting ways– “Star Wars” too.

  • Arsonist

    This album will be a classic. The only song that I’m not feelin at all is that Robocop song. All the other songs are something to listen to when you aren’t having the best day in the world, and you’re right, it will help you get through a cold winter for sure

    • 619

      Cold winter? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Guess everybody east of the Mississippi River can enjoy being stuck inside the house listening to an album full of moaning and groaning while I enjoy another 80 degree November in South Cali. Enjoy your jackets, scarfs and Kanye albums, I’ll be riding around in a wife beater with the windows rolled down listening to the new Evidence mixtape. HAHAHA!

    • Yoda

      I hate when people throw that word “classic” around.

      You just cancelled out your whole point when you spoke on Robocop anyway…

  • Billy X. Sunday

    A lot of y’all humps talking shit are just now getting up on the New Danger. How is that for irony?

    KanYe isn’t crying at all on this album. In some spots he is just melancholy and wistful.

    I think a lot of you fools that just want some headbanger shit need to stop beating up your girlfriends anyhoo.

    You want some shit to smash your head into a wall while listening to copp that D.I.R.T.

    • te noh

      Kanye and Billy . . . sensitive thugs, y’all need hugs.

    • 619

      I think Kanye’s paying Billy off for his positive reviews. Look, a lot of us had a fucked up family situation or family members that passed. Stop using that like it’s some kind of valid excuse for a hip-hop artist with three solid albums with his own top notch production on it, to all of sudden start producing 80′s pop beats with bad autotune singing over them just because his mom passed. It’s not like I’m hatin’ on Kanye. I bought Graduation and it was a great album, but Kanye lost his fan base with this one.

    • Chris

      D.I.R.T.= Classic!!!!! (F.Y.O.)

  • og bobby j

    let me paint this picture…
    Im in best buy…walking behind one of them spanish broads with the hairy arms and madd gel in they hair…but an ass like summertime cantalope….and I grab me the new Kanye disc. I look at it…looking at the track listing and feel a little nudge on my side only to look over and see a 13 year old boy wearing some female jeans and a pierced nose….the said kid grabs two copies of that Kanye shit and walks to the register. I look down at the cd in my hand…shake my head and toss that shit under the guitar hero set-up. I proceed to grab that new JADA and hit the streets.

    • these posts are racist

      In general, you’re an ignorant racist. But this comment was hilarious.

      • og bobby j

        in general, i dont give a fuck what you think. But good lookin on the props

        • these posts are racist

          Ha! You’re a funny mofo man.

  • these posts are racist

    Nice drop Billy.

  • amar

    he’s got the mainstream, but a lotta the street dislikes his latest stuff, so i can’t see him reaching full sales potential for this.

    Probably will still manage to sell an insane amount of records. I just think it’s lil wang’s year and kanye won’t push a mil in a week.

  • J

    This album is a giant piece of shit, are u fucking kidding me BXS? Usually like your posts but you’re a fuckin’ retard if u like this piece of trash.

  • Warren

    Clearly you haven’t heard The Renaissance or Leave It All Behind or Tronic. Yeh, I think you heard like 5 rap albums this year and one of them was Kanye. Your ass needs to be fired.

  • FlapJack

    Album sounds decent this far.. I actually think he could have took it even further with the electro-pop shit.. the problem is he’s in another league now, and will have to compete with artists like Justice, Daft Punk, Lykke Li and Robyn..
    Who really wanted another Soulsampling Kanye-album AnyWay?
    Gotta keep pushing forward.
    Kid Cudi>>>>>Kanye though

  • aquma

    I second what you’re saying here homie. All these conservative haters only want what’s safe and what they’re accustomed to.

    It’s about time someone made music about something they going through, as opposed to something that will sell and the kids’ll eat up (can it ever be both?).

    Way to pull the heart strings on the whole divorced parents tip.

  • Incilin

    This just goes to show you that people only hear what they want to hear. It’s just like Chris Rock said (paraprhase); “Anyone who makes an opinion before hearing the facts is a damn fool.” You aint even hear the album, but you made up your mind already. How does that even make any sense? How you know that ever other joint on that album doesn’t suck?

    Much like how you decided Carter III was trash before hearing it (or decided LAX was good after it came out but you didn’t bother to download it) this is such a closed minded view of things.

    I like “Love Lockdown” and remain a Kanye fan. I haven’t really listened to his singles because I’m just waiting for the album. When his album drops/leaks I’ll buy it (because downloading is totally illegal) and I’ll listen to it a 5 to 8 times, read some reviews, discuss it with my friends, and then have a formal opinion on it. I aint saying you gota do it like that, but you shouldn’t make an opinion beforehand.

  • Yoda

    Did you forget there’s this guy named Joe Budden who actually raps to express his emotion?

    I mean, he’s only been doing it for over five years now…

    And he only has a mixtape series called “Mood Muzik”.

    *Shrugs*…you must not have heard of him.

  • FAIR

    Hahahaha YODA thats classic
    now as for the album, the moment a man pushes the boundaries he’s a sell out or hes a joke and its garbage and not worth listening to and not real hip hop as so many of u have pointed out…whats sad is that u cant listen to something new orf different its kind of pathetic…is this the best album? probably not but give it a god damn chance before u diss it if this is ye’s version of electric circus well then damn common bounced back nicely im sure ye will too

  • Michael

    Kanye’s classic was COllege Dropout, get over it people.

  • yoprince

    billy is on that extra… but on the other hand, I never really fucked with Kanye as a rapper so I actually find myself liking this emoting shit more than a lot of his old shit.. kind of like he’s better when he’s not trying, and some of these tracks are just real smooth.

  • Crocker

    “Im in best buy…walking behind one of them spanish broads with the hairy arms and madd gel in they hair…but an ass like summertime cantalope…”

    SMH….I’m white and you embarrass me and every cracker within a million mile radius. And I’m not a race pride kinda guy. But TPAR’s right, there is some real humor in that. Sad or not.

    But I digress….Sunday, I respect you. Always enjoyed your blog. Well read and thought out. But for you to call this Emo rap, T-West album a classic. Dude…..c’mon. If I want an emotional rap album, I’ll throw on Atmosphere. At least Slug and Ant make it interesting. Jesus, Billy.

    • og bobby j

      the only thing that you should be embarassed about is your obese girlfriend and no doubt a receding hairline.

  • Crocker

    Oh….And I had that Mos Def joint the week it dropped from my dude at the local swap meet. I was kinda pissed off that was five dollars and 45 mins of my life I’ll never get back. But I guess no one on the block had swagger like Mos. And yeah I get it, he was rap n rollin’. Funky bluish rock-rap. I get it. It’s artistic. And know, nowadays, you can take a art canvas, shit in ur hand, and smear it all over the canvas and you could call that art too. ;)

    • Avenger XL

      My thoughts exactly.

  • tony grand$

    I can almost guarantee that if Kanye wasn’t tryin to SELL us this as some sort of innovative transformation of man-child, & say, give it away as some exclusive, untitled work in progress (i.e. “I just had to get some shit off my chest!”), it would be more accepted by the hip hop masses. But to follow such clasic hip hop albums with a blast back to the 80′s, & expect niggas who’ve been supportin him to fawn all over it isn’t realistic. I’m all for artistic passion expression, but there’s ways of going about those sort of things. Esp to those who’ve made u who u r.

  • Chris Cash

    Ive been tyring my best notto lisyen toany of the leaked cuts off the albim and wait till the album comes out,Although i still think the album will be wack imgonna BUY it anyway cuz Kanye has made 3 other albums that help me realize the importance of living my dreams.
    but who ever wrote this blog made me thinkthis might be a good album you always give kanye the best sales pitch. im starting to think u are kanye

    • Yoda


  • El Tico Loco

    I don’t what’s worse half decent rappers that stop rappin, or garbage ass rappers that say they are not rappers. SMH

    • El Tico Loco

      I don’t know what’s worse (correction)

  • El Tico Loco

    I don’t know what’s worse half decent rappers that stop rappin, or garbage ass rappers that say they are not rappers. SMH

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    I fuck with lyricism! For the love of the WHOLE culture of hip hop I would even c what a nigga like shawty lo had to offer just to give everybodies music a chance..

    With that said I fuck with some of Kanye’s shit,I understand his loss and some of the songs r, o.k for what they r,BUT THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I’MA LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM AND IF SHIT LIKE THIS IS THE FUTURE I WILL STOP FUCKING WITH RAP ENTIRELY!!!!!!!!!!

  • connor

    Yes, yes, yes, Billy, you are a hundred goddamned percent correct no matter what Bol tells you.

    If only more rappers had the cojones to tell us that sometimes they get sad. The closest we have is Clipse, who tell us that they are sometimes afraid of getting shot. That is a lot less hardbody.

  • BG

    Heltah Skeltah DIRT is the album of the year. of all ppl i would have thought u kno that or at least that a pop kanye album is definitely not it.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Your LOLz made me get back on this thread.

  • grant ny

    ANYONE who says that this album is a classic, even says is the best album of 2008 sucks Kanyes fuckin Dick hard! you are an idiot, you do some good blogs man but fuck off with this one. LAX best hip hop album of 2008 full fucking stop.

    • JDizzel3000

      LAX is trash…sorry brother

  • Drama

    I think yall dat r hatin cuz da shits 2 emotional need 2 stop trippin. if u dont like real shit, den fuck u, go away. dis is wut music is about. emotion. if he wants 2 experiment, shit, let him. fuck yall. i like da shit. & if i didnt, i wouldnt waste my time on da internet blogs sayin how much i hated it. dumbass hos

  • JDizzel3000

    You know when he was first coming out with details and songs for this album i thought ..aww shit this nigga about to make some mushy lovey dove baby i need you bullshit …but in actuality this album is nothing like that …the songs are more therapeutic than mushy and to be quite honest this is prolly his second best produced album that hes come out with(Late Registration is the goat) …but the album actually surprised me in the sense that he really made these depressing ass songs catchy as hell “welcome to heartbreak” and “Bad News” are two examples of it …i mean if you listen to the lyrics them shits are about some fucked up feelings but he makes them come across ill … the only wack song is that paranoid shit …that shit sounds like the theme music to an 80′s sitcom but other than that the rest of the album is on point ..definitely better than expected …some of ya’ll niggas listening ears just ain’t quite grown up yet …

    • 619

      Why the fuck is it that everytime someone says they don’t like this album they’re all of a sudden not grown enough or not open minded to enough music or they’re told to just go buy the same hardcore hip-hop they’re used to. I listen to more grown man shit than 99% of you mafuckers, just because I know Kanye made a garbage ass album doesn’t mean I’m close minded when it comes to another genre of music. What you mafuckers know about some Bootsy Collins, Isley Brothers, Al Green, Barrington Levy, or Santana. That’s right, real grown man shit, you thought you would get some ass while Kanye non-singin’ ass was in the background wailin’ about his problems? Fuck outta here.

  • B-Bell84

    All I want to do is say thank you Billy Sunday because people are just looking at the auto-tune instead of lyrics and the pain he’s putting in these songs to help him get through this period in his life. That album to me basically summed up my whole 2008 year, I lost someone that I thought would be in my life for the long-run but she left and Kanye put every emotion I had about that situation in that album. This album will be appreciated in the long run like Marvin Gaye’s Hear My Dear a lot people didn’t like it because he wasn’t doing the conventional thing he was singing from the soul and letting us emotions and thoughts take his lyrics to another level with this thing we call Music. So all in all it’s a hell of album and really shows that people in the lime light are humans also.

  • Rex Banner

    without even listening to any other songs besides love lockdown and some other song I forgot the name of… this might be the gayest album in hip hop history. I’ll bump soulja boy’s shit before I bump this and the graduation was my shit too, sad

  • http://xxlmag j da b stuy reppa

    I don’t know y people are shiting on kanye’s album b4 it even drops. Ima cop it just like the other three and if it sucks I’ll go from there. Hell people considered Lauren Hill’s album to be Hip Hop and she sung on 90% of the album so what’s the difference? At least Kanye is trying to do something different. U get killed if u don’t take chances and when u do this is the response u get. U can’t win with some people. lol.

  • datboyfrank

    North Miami in the house!!


    thats some good blogging billy

  • Chris S

    this album is outstanding! the production on this is out of this world.i didn’t even listen to a single lyric really. the beats did all the talking. what the hell is everyone hating on robocop for? that beat is so good. the violins throughout the whole song are sick. listen to this in a different manner than his previous albums and you will be very pleased.

    10 years from now we will be looking at this album and graduation as goundbreaking albums that were waaaaay ahead of their time. mark my words