Kanye West Joins Diddy’s Producer Supergroup
Following the announcement that he would be returning to the production world--albeit for a limited time and only with a carefully picked group of rappers--Diddy has dropped another bombshell. The Bad Boy founder announced on his Instagram that Kanye West has joined The Hitmen, his longtime producti…
Kanye West Confirms Black Yeezy Boost Is Dropping Really Soon
Earlier today, Kanye West sat down with the Breakfast Club to speak on a number of subjects including his highly popular Yeezy Boost sneaker.
Charlamagne opened up the interview by thanking Kanye for the invite to his adidas x Yeezy fashion show and proceeded to tell Kanye he wash't a big fan …
7 Rappers Stuntin’ While Sitting Courtside
While most of us sit at home watching our favorite teams play on TV, rappers get a front row seat on the courtside. From Jay Z to Method Man, check out "7 Rappers Stuntin' While Sitting Courtside."
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People In Hip-Hop That Have Lost The Most Wei…
Remember These Hip-Hop Couples
There are some couples in hip-hop, although not together now, that are simply unforgettable. From Common's love affair with Erykah Badu to Nas and Kelis, check out "Remember These Couples."
12 Rappers That Are Just Like Us
Many believe that rappers live this lavish lifestyle without any trace of normalcy . However, contrary to popular belief, a lot of hip-hop's top talents do actually maintain quite normal lives (to an extent). Check out 12 rappers doing normal everyday things...

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