You Can Get With This, Or You Can Get With That…


The battle between KanYe and Fifty Cent was exactly one year ago. It was as exciting to see as a heavyweight wrestling match. KanYe was the brash, young contender and Fifty was the veteran. The hype and buildup was the best thing Hip-Hop has done in a while. No event this year generated the hype of that contest. The NaS album following Lil’ Wayne’s blockbuster has been our biggest story, but even that doesn’t come near the KanYe/Fifty publicity machine.

What the backstory of the KanYe/Fifty battle shows is that when people are motivated and activated they respond publicly. It was a great time for America in my opinion because it showed that we have a voice. We elected skinny jeans over white tee shirts. Basically. In many ways it was a test for the battle for the White House that drops this November. The Democrats are definitely the colorful cool kids while the Republicans are the older thugged out dudes. Think about it…

The Republicans have been using the model of block bully intimidation for their foreign and domestic policies. They were only fucking with the cats that couldn’t defend themselves on their own. Whether it was poor Iraqis or poor people from New Orleans the Republicans talked tough and showed them the bottom side of their boots. This is basically how Fifty Cent administers himself through rap music. Ja Rule was his Iraq. Fifty stays constantly getting at other rappers too simialr to U.S. foreign policy.

The Democrats are definitely the new, young hipster rap faction for the political world. Just because the Dems wear skinny jeans and crispy sneakers I don’t think that will make them light in the waist when it comes to dealing with other countries. Look how international the skinny jeans set is right now. M.I.A., Double O from Kidz In The Hall, SantoGold, I don’t remember who else right now, but all these cats are from other countries. My point is that the Democrats will be able to bridge the international divides that have been created by the current presidential administration.

You may like to listen to thugged out rap music. I’m not gonna say that shit is totally washed up either. Fifty has a few more incredible songs in him. I don’t know if I want to invest my vote in him for a whole album though. Where as KanYe is about to record an entire album using that vocoder autotune T-Pain device. That shit is going to be fire in the fucking clubs. My vote is going to KanYe West. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter who we vote for just as long as register and vote.

Show the tall Israelis that run these record companies (and our country) that you are activated.

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    Dope. Who did that drawing?

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I copped it off the web. Not sure who the artist is though.

  • orangejuicejones

    I been screamin wats the difference between thugs and republicans, only color and culture. Their morals and creeds are the same: closemindedness, intimidation tactics, and the ultimate: get money by any means necessary…

    However Ye is a pussy. Come on now, this DL type nigga make some tight music but endorsing a crybabya nigga that rocks his mama’s jeans… Nah Ill pass. These tight pants niggas for the most part are very bougie and exclusionary. Niggas like that would have the world in some kinda ecstasy fueled bi-sexual European designer clothes orgy.

    Im goin third party ticket on this one, Arrested Development or a pre-institutionalized Ras Kass…

    • render

      lol cosign all the above

      we need a president with some thoughtfulness that aint a dumb, consumerist, wildin out nigga but we also need a dude that also aint too soft and bitchmade to go hard at niggas when shit starts poppin

      Bush was 50 and Kerry was Double O (getting thumped on by GOP bouncers, gonna be forgotten in 4 years)

      We need Obama to be the Nas or Rakim of this political shit

    • 239allday

      I definitely cosign with OJ. I like the way he got Ras Kass as the Bob Barr figure.

      According to the post I would for sure be down with the dems, accurate but I just don’t fuck with Kanye. The hipster niggas just seem to have a “holier than thou” attitude that I just can’t vibe with. Plus there clothing is completely Queer eye inspired. I can’t in good conscience be jamming to a nigga album that wear scarfs and nuthuggers. Don’t try to peg me as closed-minded, because I’m the complete opposite. I’m just not into trends because I can see through the bullshit.

  • Tony Grand$

    I’m a lil more apt to side skinny jeans on this one, becuz face it, the skinny gang is willin to take a chance and make a change. I’m tired of the “punk or get punked” mentality. Who would you rather led ur gang, a hothead blowhard who gets into as many fights as possible, then expects u to go down with the ship, or the cool cat who you can talk to and he may actually consider battles a lil more wisely? The Bush domination is waning pretty thin, and republican rule is obviously not getting the US ahead in the allies dept. Now these nigs is talkin bout dippin into eastern european kool-aid which in all honesty could be the groundwork of WW3. I’m cool on nuclear war, dogg! Though politics is the new ‘rap’ game, ya know, loud mouths, fat pockets and who got the most airplay, it is after all a vote that determines a future we can’t control. Four yrs is a long ass time to be in a relationship with a motherfucka who can make or break your life on their whimsy. Basically, I’d roll to a ‘Yeezy show expecting something different, and not regrettin making the decision to attend, may even bring my wife. I aint goin to know Fif sponsored orchestration, them ignant gangbang rejects got too many guns, too many homotional probs, and once more, I’m cool on war, dogg.

  • capcobra

    i’m gonna agree with the homie oj jones….i don’t care if it’s politics or hip hop…i don’t trust these cats….period…ain’t nobody who they pose to be anyhow…so how can you trust ‘em?…i’d rather vote for krs one and ll cool j.


    what happend to the L.A.X. album review.
    Enjoy that shit to much?

  • Billy X. Sunday

    @ OrangeJuiceJones
    McKinney/Clemente is the truth. Thats why they dont even stand a chance.

    @ TonyGrand$
    Don’t forget that the Bush administration was all about shitting on U.S. citizens too. Did you forget about Hurricane Katrina? The illegal wiretapping that wen’t down? The G Dubbz administration treated us like Fifty treated Buck. They recorded the phonecall when we were crying for help and played it back laughing at us.

    I never got my copy of L.A.X. I have heard the singles but I haven’t gotten the album in its entirety. I want to hear that shit though. Game became one of my favorite dudes after the Doctor’s Advocate.


    Man, that L.A.X. is straight. It’s not a step-up from Doctor’s Advocate, per se, but it is the best thing you’ll hear from L.A. in the mainstream form, like T.I. and Wayne are to The South.

  • Tony Grand$

    Sunday, actually all that trickery you reminded me of did slip my mind, which gives more credibility to my point. I’m through fuckin with the block bully! He don’t even care bout the members in his own gang, like I said about expectin u to go down with the ship as well. I don’t get all the not trustin some one bcuz they’re different, but I’m stickin to my story. I’m considered indy, but I’m rollin dem on this ballad! Nice thought provoker Sunday!

  • these posts are racist


    What do you know about AIPAC?

  • Billy X. Sunday

    What is there to know about pro-Israel lobby machine AIPAC?

    Are them dudes signing rappers to deals now?

    GTFOH with a stupid question, if you got something to say than say it and stop being a fag about it.

    Write your thoughts down or sit the fuck down.

    • these posts are racist


      I see you’re still an angry fella…Read your last sentence. I was challening you to think/write deeply. Don’t be mad, doggy.

  • kelito-vision

    Billy u know u wrong….if u let these soft hearted Democrats get in office…these other countries(Russia, North Korea,Iran) are going to be disrespecting us something fierce…similar to how Jim Jones disrespected Kanye….u need Republicans in office to let these other countries know not to get out of line…if any countries decide to stand next to terrorists or offer them shelter like Iraq and Iran have done….they need to get smacked around and put in they place…just cause u try to show love to these other countries doesn’t mean they will show u love…u gotta vote Replublican if u care about the safety of this country

  • Billy X. Sunday

    You believe that Fifty Cent has the best interests of the country in his heart or does he care about protecting his wealth at the expense of those around him?

    Terror is making people believe they are always in harm’s way. That is the opposite of freedom. You think KanYe will get bitch slapped huh? Why hasn’t anyone done that yet? Maybe because he keeps the goons behind him on whisper control.

    I never heard about KanYe getting the Jesus piece snatched in the club.

    I don’t fucks with tough talkers who dodge drafts and don’t let their children enlist to the armed services. At least Fifty Cent was shot.

  • kelito-vision


    Kanye had every right to start smashing on 50 after the concert incident in Philly last year. But he decided to let that slide. Quite similar to how Bill Clinton let Osama slide after he had them dudes blow up that Navy ship. But cause he didn’t know, Osama got balls and masterminded 9/11. U don’t let these other countries even think about starting up some shit cause just like these rappers know not to start some shit with 50, they know these Republicans won’t stop until their whole situation is dead. Yeah Kanye hasn’t got smacked up for his jewelry, but u don’t hear about him about him being in the club either. Same way u don’t hear about Obama and his long political career especially in dealing with foreign policy. McCain fought for this country and has a no nonsense way in dealing with these other countries. Yeah the economy may be bad right now but that shit comes in cylces. terrorism is always going to be here and we gotta have someone who can let these dudes know the USA don’t play that.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    KanYe be in the clubs.


    Let someone know that the USA doesn’t play terrorism?

    What the fuck are you talking about?

    Google the Trail of Tears.

    Google Greenwood, Oklahoma or Rosewood, Florida.

    You live in a fictitious reality and this is why you relate to John McCain’s senility.

    • these posts are racist

      Co-Sign that Billy. Kelito…you have no clue what you’re talking about.

  • kelito-vision


    U really believe these Democrats, huh? Oklahoma happened under Clinton’s watch. 9/11 happened cause Clinton wasn’t willing to go all out on Osama even though he had info on where Osama was. Iran, Russia aka the reforming Soviet Union, and North Korea have to know we aren’t just going to follow UN sanctions which amount to toilet paper. They have to feel that fear that the US is willing to Ja Rule them at the drop of a dime. Just like 50, these other countries may not like us but they’re going to respect us. We live in dangerous times: Al Queda didn’t squash their beef with us, North Korea is getting nuclear bombs ready, Russia is conquering our European allies and Iran is a known hangout spot for terrorist. BTW yeah Kanye be in the clubs but they’re either are all white or openly gay clubs. We’re close to victory in Iraq and Obama talking about immediate troop withdrawal. R u kidding me? That’s the dude u want to lead this country? U dudes listening to too much Graduation and watching too much Nickelodeon. U better pop in Power of the Dollar and watch the evening news(not Fox News cause they hate black people) and see what’s really going on in the world today.

    • these posts are racist

      Why did G. Bush invade/bomb iraq?

  • kelito-vision

    not even acknowledging the fact Saddam wasn’t letting inspectors do their job or the fact Saddam was providing shelter for terrorist groups…if someone tried to kill your father, u telling me u wouldn’t try to get back at them? negro please

    • these posts are racist

      So why did George W. Bush send the US army to invade/bomb and occupy Iraq? You didn’t answer the question. “Providing shelter for terrorist groups”? What are you talking about? What “terrorist groups” did Saddam provide shelter for?

    • these posts are racist

      “Oklahoma happened under Clinton’s watch.”

      Word? Katrina happened under Bush’s watch.

  • kelito-vision

    so wait, it’s Bush’s fault cause everybody and their mother underestimated the devastation that Katrina would cause…not saying what Bush did was cool or i’m cosigning it, but people seem to forget that Katrina didn’t turn into a Category 5 Hurricane until it was right on top of the Louisainia(forgive me if i’m spelling it wrong)area…people forget the mayor told people to leave but dudes were frontin about leaving…Iraq was providing shelter to Al Queda and other anti-American groups…

  • these posts are racist

    So what did Bush do re: Katrina “that wasn’t cool”? Al Qaeda were worn enemies to Saddam. Not even the Bush administration claims a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq, you’re lying. So why did we invade Iraq? you say “other anti american groups”. so we invaded iraq because of “ther anti amierican groups”? which groups? what did they do that was anti american? and what about their actions warranted us invading/bombing and occupying Iraq?

  • these posts are racist

    Kelito…that’s what I thought.

  • Jc Bayouth

    excellent writing .

  • Sibyl Packen

    helpful post.