Today, Aug. 19, marks the release of Wiz Khalifa's third major label studio album, Blacc Hollywood. As Wiz has been teasing the world with bangers like "We Dem Boyz" and "KK," Wiz now drops the full length LP which is full of plenty more hits. Revisiting past production on the album, the Taylor Gang CEO once again provides fans with the sensual yet hard-hitting sounds he specializes in.

Although sticking to the same hit-spawning formula, Wiz's latest effort does include many aspects that didn't exist on his last album, O.N.I.F.C. Now that the rapper is a dad and has had a longer experience with fame, Wiz Khalifa is back to represent not only himself but his people saying that this is an album will represent a moment in time.

XXL chopped it up with Wiz backstage at The Under The Influence Of Music Tour and caught up on all things Wiz, going over everything from the tour to the concept of the album to working as a dad. True colors. —Miranda J.


XXL: Was there anything different for you during the making of Blacc Hollywood?
Wiz Khalifa: I don’t know, life is crazy. Nah, not really. A lot of long nights like clubbing, waking up wasted and catching helicopters, stuff like that.

Do you have a favorite song off the album?
It depends on what setting we’re in. One of my most lyrical songs is “House On The Hills” with Curren$y. And one of my more catchy songs is, like, "KK" or “Ass Drop,” that’s one of my favorite joints, too.

So what’s up with the title? It seems like you always have these catchy titles with hidden meanings.
Blacc Hollywood I feel like describes the youth and more of my crowd of people who I gravitate towards, where I came from and who I still identify with. That’s what it’s all about.

What does Blacc Hollywood represent? What’s their passion?
Independence and, really, inspiration. Whatever you’re aspiring towards or whatever your vision is, just making that come to life. That’s why it’s Blacc Hollywood, because I feel like Hollywood is built on a lot of other people’s dreams and a lot of other people’s creativity. So this is the crowd that really comes up with those ideas. And, you know, we might not look camera ready or be as tall and attractive as everybody else is, so that’s why I’m here 'cause I’m tall and attractive. I can get the message across.


Have you ever thought about turning the Under The Influence Tour Of Music into a festival? It keeps getting bigger and bigger.
Yeah, that’s the idea, that’s why we try to keep the festival vibe. But you know, we’re just growing and I’m glad people are starting to notice it as that type of thing.

Why did you choose each of these artists to go on tour with you?
I feel as though it makes for a good experience. Like, as a fan I would love to be in the line getting fucked up hearing all of those songs.

Tyga, he dropped out. What was his reasoning for that?
His reasoning was more real than anything. I don’t have an issue with him, I guess it got kind of blown out of proportion. But me and him, we’re cool. It is what it is.


How did you choose the certain producers to hop on the project?
I feel that those are the people that I’m comfortable with and that bring out the best in me. Especially my guys from Pittsburgh—E. Dan, Sledger and everybody. Even like Jim Jonsin, we made a lot of hits together. I got to write with Rico Love, which we’ve been waiting to do since I first signed and it was just a really good experience. Taking my vision and mixing with other people’s vision as well, because they see what my project can be, too. So to share that and bring that out was amazing.

What do you think the fans will take away from Blacc Hollywood?
I think people in general will just see it as an individual project. They might not know what it represents but it will stand alone for sure. It’s not so crazy or so weird, but it’s just one of those solid projects that are rare in our time frame. I’m just taking my responsibility as an artist that can make hits and also reach people with my message to really make a moment out of this.

Is it different now that you’re a father when it comes to how you work?
Yeah, it’s different only because I miss my son like crazy. Whereas before it was just like, I would go to work and work, work, work. [Now] I take time away and FaceTime him. I’ll be late for an interview or something like that to spend some time on the phone. Or while I’m at home, I’ll leave a session to go home to feed him dinner and I’ll make sure I read to him before he goes to bed and stuff like that. I enjoy doing that stuff.

Does he travel a lot?
Nah, not yet. But he will though.


Then you have Mac & Devin 2. What title are you guys going with for that?
I still don’t know. It’s just Mac & Devin Part 2 right now, but we start filming in September.

Have you and Snoop started recording for the soundtrack?
Yeah, we have a couple songs. Actually “You And Your Friends” was supposed to on the Mac & Devin soundtrack, but it was such an awesome song that we had to put it on my album.