The saga continues.

Earlier today it was reported that police found a  “military-style AK-47″ on Jeezy's tour bus when it was raided this past Sunday (Aug. 24). Jeezy and 5 other individuals were arrested and initially thought to be connected to the shooting death of Eric Johnson backstage at the Mountain View, Calif.  “UTIOM” tour stop.

Jeezy has since then been disregarded as a suspect but still remain in police custody. This is his fourth day in jail. After some digging around, it was discovered that the “Trap Or Die” MC is currently being held in Orange County jail and will appear in court tomorrow (Aug. 28) at the Harbor Justice Center. The bail is confirmed to set at $1 million dollars.

Please also not that Jeezy's occupation in the prisoner lookup is listed as "Rapper."

Seen It All is still scheduled for a Sept. 2 release.—additional reporting by Dan Rys