Last week, Roc Nation signee DJ Mustard spoke about the first time he had a phone conversation with his new boss Jay Z. Accord to the mega producer, Hova emailed and called him, after which Mustard, picking up the phone, didn't believe it was Jay and hung up immediately. That got us at XXL wracking our brains for other times when rappers have been hung up on, and there have been plenty. Whether it was Amber Rose hanging up on Kanye West after the pair first met or 50 Cent calling Def Jam to prank Shyne, here are nine moments when rappers were publicly hung up on.


50 Cent Pranks Shyne

After being released from prison following an eight-plus year bid, Shyne was on a Def Jam press run taking calls from journalists when 50 Cent, ever the prankster, called in to shake things up a bit. After getting through, Fif—in character as a journalist named "Sean"—asked what Shyne's problem with 50 Cent was. Def Jam hung up, then hung up again when Fif called back, only to get through on the third try and unleash a tirade aimed at the former Bad Boy rapper.


Andre Harrell Hangs Up On Heavy D

It was at the sad occasion of Heavy D's funeral that former Uptown Records chief Andre Harrell shared the story of the first time he spoke to Heavy while Harrell was working at RUSH Management. “He called me, I answered,” Harrell said of Heav, who would eventually become the first rapper signed to Uptown. “He asked to speak to Russell Simmons, I said he wasn’t there. I said, ‘I’m Andre Harrell.’ He said, ‘Can I talk to you?’ I said, ‘No,’ and hung up.” Heavy never gave up, calling Harrell every few days until the two eventually met in person, and Harrell launched Uptown with D as his marquee artist.


A Rabbi Hangs Up On Ice Cube On CNN

As he was gearing up to release his second solo album, Death Certificate, Ice Cube was catching a lot of heat for the allegedly anti-Semitic lyrics on "No Vaseline," a diss track aimed at N.W.A and their Jewish manager Jerry Heller. In order to defend himself and his lyrics, Cube went on a long press run, during which he wound up on a live phone call on CNN with a Rabbi from the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Twenty years after the album's release, he recounted the incident to XXL.

"I was on a call on CNN, my voice and the Rabbi from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, he was on," Cube remembered. "They were asking us these questions. For one thing, I was like, 'Let me ask this guy here. Are you condoning what Jerry Heller did to me? Are you saying it’s cool that old Jewish managers should fucking steal and get their young black artists to sign bad paperwork and do bad deals?' That muthafucka hung up.The mediator that was on CNN was like, 'Hello. Hello? Okay, I guess that ends the interview.' From there, nothing else was ever said about it. All this turmoil one day and then it was like somebody turned off a switch."


Amber Rose Hangs Up On Kanye West

After the demise of her relationship with Kanye West, Amber Rose did an interview with the New York Post, during which she remembered the first time she ever spoke to Kanye. “I was home in The Bronx, and he called me on my cellphone,” Rose told the tabloid. “I’d never met him before. He was like, ‘Hey, it’s Kanye.” She promptly hung up on him, only for Yeezy to call back and invite Rose out to L.A. to star in his video for "Robocop." The video never came out, though a still was released a week ago.


Ebro Hangs Up On Lil Wayne

Summer Jam 2012 will always be remembered for the Young Money showdown, when Peter Rosenberg dissed Nicki Minaj on stage, causing Lil Wayne to pull his YMCMB artist out of her headlining slot at the performance. Following the fiasco, Hot 97 program director Ebro explained how things went down that night, and mentioned that the beef with Weezy goes back a few years. "I called Wayne actually,” Ebro said about Nicki pulling out. “[His] management hit me and was like, ‘Here’s Wayne’s number, give him a call.’” Wayne then told Ebro that Nicki wouldn't be performing, and the Hot 97 man promptly hung up on Tunechi. “There was nothing else to talk about,” Ebro said.


Chelsea Handler Hangs Up On 50 Cent

Not to be outdone by Def Jam employees, comedienne Chelsea Handler also got the opportunity to hang up on 50 Cent, and she took the opportunity with relish, though it may not have been under great circumstances. The two had been dating briefly when an ex of Fif's informed him that she was unhappy that he was dating Ms. Handler; 50 called Handler to tell her, and things quickly went south. “I was like, at my job. It was just so juvenile, I was at work," she said about the phone call. "I hung up and I’ve never spoken to him again. I do think he’s a really nice guy and I think he’s smart in a certain way.”


Bun B Hangs Up On Jay Z

What is it with people hanging up on Hova? Bun B shared the stories behind some of his most iconic verses with XXL late last year, and when the topic of "Big Pimpin'" came up he told us how the song nearly didn't happen because he hung up on Jigga man. "I didn’t really know Jay Z. At all," Bun said about the day he laid his verse. "We got a cold call where, like, somebody called my phone and the number was blocked. And I’m like, 'Who is this?' And they are like, 'It’s Jay Z.' And I’m like, 'Stop playing on my phone. Who is this?' And they are like, 'It’s Jay Z.' So I hung up." Luckily, Jay wasn't one to give up that easily, and when he called back Bun realized who he was speaking with. "So then the phone rang again and I’m like, 'Yo. Who is this?'" Bun remembered. "And he was like, 'Family,' and when he said 'Family,' Jay has a very unique inflection in his voice that is purely his. It’s obvious that it’s New York but it’s unlike any other New York voice, you know? When I heard that I was like, 'It is Jay Z.'"



DJ Mustard Hangs Up On Jay Z

Now to the most recent story, where Roc Nation signee DJ Mustard hung up on then-future-boss Jay Z after a seemingly sketchy email exchange. Jay, getting with the times, fired off the email to Mustard, who was understandably skeptical of the situation. After being assured that the email address was correct, Mustard cautiously replied. "So I hit [the E-mail address] back like, ‘Yup.’ And like two seconds later he called," Mustard said. "I’m like, ‘Hello.’ He like, ‘Yo, this Jay.’ I’m like, ‘No it aint,’ click."