Is The Leftovers driving you crazy? Are you pining for the return of Breaking Bad or The Wire? Do you still make sure to catch every re-run of Seinfeld and Martin? Are you counting down the days until the return of Game Of Thrones and Sons Of Anarchy?

Well, you're not alone; we're right there with you, and there are plenty of rappers who are hanging on to every word of their prime time programming, too. In order to pass the time until we figure out just exactly what the hell is going to happen on The Walking Dead and in between binge-watching old episodes of Family Guy and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-AirXXL asked 27 rappers what they tune into on the small screen. —XXL Staff



My favorite TV show is probably All That. I lost my eyes when I was 10, so I stop watching TV shows like around that time.


Angel Haze

Boys Meet World because it was the only thing I watched as a kid. A lot of my morals didn’t come from my parents, it came from that show, so holla! [Laughs]



Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. That’s like the illest TV show ever.



Easily Family Guy. I was watching it back when I was too young to watch it and my parents would turn it off. Way back when I was still in elementary school still. It had to be like '99. It’s been around for about 20 years now. Crazy.



Martin. That was the funniest nigga ever. When you really watch them shows, how much energy he put in those scripts and shit, all those characters he played and all of them was funnier than a motherfucker to the core. I think that gotta be one of the oldest running Black comedy shows to date. That shit is still on TV right now. Back to back.


Dizzy Wright

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. I don’t really see Will Smith trying to be funny. It was just natural and [the show] always had real life situations and messages. But Will is hilarious without trying to be.


Fred The Godson

Martin. I’m all about it. [Laughs] Funny as hell. I never missed a Martin. Even when I missed it, I had it on tape. I remember when I was sick when it first came out. I was in the hospital for two weeks. My girl at the time said, “I am taping you this new show called Martin. You gonna love it.” And when I came out the hospital and I played it, I was like, “Oh, God. This is the craziest shit I ever seen.” To this day, I still watch the repeats.



I never fuckin' watch TV; either Fresh Prince or Mad Men. Those are the only two shows I ever fucked with.



Martin, it got to be Martin. Martin Lawerence is one of a kind. The way he acts, the subtlety, and then he's still funny with the antics, all in one. That had to be my favorite show.



Family Guy. It’s always hilarious, 24/7.


Joey Bada$$

Probably something stupid like All That or something. [Laughs]


K Camp

Favorite TV show? MTV Jams. Fuck it. [Laughs]


Kid Ink

I'm a scary, horror movie type of guy, so my favorite TV shows right now are like The Walking Dead or American Horror Story. That's like the vibe I get into.


Killer Mike

Right now, this year, it’s definitely Game of Thrones. I’m going to throw in Sons Of Anarchy because the new season is about to start.


Krayzie Bone 

First 48. I just be looking at it and I get addicted. I watch that show all the time, seeing them solve all those murders and seeing niggas snitching. [Laughs] It’s crazy for real.



Walking Dead, it’s a great just show. I wish Breaking Bad was still on. But Walking Dead is great. TV is the new film; that’s where all the good actors are and good writing.



Currently, it’s Bob’s Burgers. That’s my shit. It’s like this cartoon. It’s pretty funny.



My favorite show currently right now was Revolution, and it just got cancelled. So if I can use this platform to de-ban NBC to put back on Revolution, I’ll go with that. It’s comic book-y, it’s nerdy. There’s some real elements to it. How people treat each other when there is no electricity or power and you have to deal with real human emotions. Going back to that. And you know how the main character’s hair, how it's perfectly curled? There’s no power for her to curl it and we don’t understand how it happens. It’s bad, good sci-fi. It was something for our generation and it cost a lot of money to make, but I guess they weren’t getting the ratings. It comes on after The Voice, which I like, too.

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Favorite TV show, all time? I'm gonna say The Jeffersons, Good Times and The Honeymooners. Good Times, forget about it, man, hilarious. JJ Walker was killin' it with the "Dyno-mite," you had the father who was strugglin' to go to work every day, and everybody was tryna get ahead, but the mother, Flora, she was just righteous, man. She wouldn't take no illegal money, she wouldn't take money under the table. It just showed a family, that they were strugglin' but regardless, if they didn't have finances, they had each other and they stuck together. It's crazy that the show was titled Good Times, and they was always strugglin', like it was always bad times, but even though they were struggling they always had each other so it was good times, you know what I'm saying? And it was just hilarious, man.

Then you had The Jeffersons, and George Jefferson, he don't take no shit, man. You fuck with George Jefferson he's taking off his jacket and he's ready to throw down, you know what I'm saying? He'll call you a jive turkey in a minute, kick you out his house. A brother who was just from the ghetto and got into the cleaners business and just got successful and started movin' up, he was movin' on up.

The Honeymooners is fuckin' hilarious, man. Ralph Kramden was the architect and originated a lot of different comedy for a lot of different comedians today. If you look at in a sitcom—I know now it's the reality TV show era; I don't watch that shit—but if you look at the sitcom era with Martin Lawrence and the Fresh Prince, they got a lot of their plots and the themes from their shows from The Honeymooners. If you look at a lot of the shows, like when the sitcoms were blowing up, a lot of the themes and the concepts and the storylines all originated with Ralph Kramden, man. That dude was hilarious; Jackie Gleason was a genius when it came to comedy. I fuckin' loved that show, I used to stay up every night when I was a kid and watch it, and I even got all the DVD collections in my crib to this day. Shouts to my mother-in-law, she gave it to me for Christmas. But that shit is hilarious to me.



Right now my favorite TV show, every time it come on, I gotta at least watch it for a second is Special Victims Unit: SVU. Law & Order. That shit be having me ‘cause it’s based off a true story. And the fact that’s that type of shit going on in the world, it’s crazy.


Ras Kass

Game Of Thrones is a killa right now. Just how complicated the characters and layers are that get you invested into it, the dialog and the personality types. And then I'm a boy so I like dragons and super powers. I like naked ladies and they have lots of that. So yeah, sex, violence and fucking magical creatures; I'm in.



My favorite TV show right now is Boardwalk Empire. Of all time? I think I'm going with Martin and shit like that. It’s the funniest shit ever. I’m a laughing type nigga. I’m a Family Guy nigga too. I’m definitely a type of nigga that wants to laugh at shit all night long.


Tragedy Khadafi

My favorite TV show of all time is Family Guy. That’s fucked up, right? [Laughs]. Because it actually makes a mockery of everyone. People take themselves too serious. Everybody takes themselves too serious. Everybody feels like their God is the end all, be all. Everybody feels like their culture is the greatest culture. That show is basically saying, “Fuck everybody.” That show is like a Curtis Mayfield song that says, “Don’t worry—if it’s hell below, we all gonna go.” None of you motherfuckers is good. Fuck everybody, you know what I'm saying? [Laughs]



It’s a few of them. I was going crazy over Sons Of Anarchy for a minute. I’m waiting for that movie to come out. [But] I like a lot of stuff. Of course, I like Game Of Thrones. I was going crazy over that Sons Of Anarchy. My favorite TV show is The Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson.


Vince Staples

Scared Straight is the best show ever on TV. That shit is hilarious. That shit is funnier than Seinfield. Scared Straight is about punk ass kids who go to jail for three hours and start crying and shit. That shit is hilarious. Little punk ass, “I drew graffiti and I smoke pot and I don’t care what my mom says.” Motherfuckers like that. That shit is hilarious. It’s the best.


Young Dro

Friends. I would have to go with that. The color, the clarity. The sense of humor. It was just so fresh. After that—Family Guy though.

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