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Everyone has had those moments at some point; you're full of confidence, you're riding high, you're feeling invincible, and then something happens to bring it all crashing down. And everyone knows the feeling, too, of wanting to hide or crawl away or be as far away from that embarrassing moment as physically possible. One of the more memorable aspects of the human experience, for better or for worse.

Well over here at XXL, we've done our fair share of embarrassing things throughout the years, and we've come to find that the only way to truly get over them is to own them and laugh at them. So we hit up 15 rappers and asked them to dish on their most embarrassing moments in their careers, from stage misses to falling asleep in interviews to bad haircuts gone viral. Check out their stories, and maybe feel a little better about your own missteps getting through life. —XXL Staff



CeeLo: I've fallen off a couple of stages, but I guess one public one was I was performing on Dave Chapelle's show and my pants came down right at the end of the song. If you go look at the performance, you'll see it. I asked the producers, I'm like, "Yo man, cut that part out, don't use it." Because I was embarrassed about it initially but they used it anyway and it ended up being funny.



Curren$y: I don’t really fuck around too much. I broke my ankle at Rock The Bells, but I mean...But it was after the show, and I was jumping off the stage to take pictures with the fans and everybody in the crowd and l broke my ankle, and I didn’t even know it. I like climbed over the barricade and went to take pictures with the homies anyway. And smoke joints with the crowd and everything, and I realized that my foot was about to, like, fall off.


Fat Trel

Fat Trel: I am my worst critic. I might say my worst embarrassing moment was forgetting that one line at the Best Buy Theater when Ross brought me out for the Mastermind concert. I’m real big on that. I practice a lot, so for me to fuck up, I was really hard on myself for it. One of my most embarrassing moments would be fucking up on stage with Ross.


Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates: I don’t know because I make fun of myself. Like I walk out of the room and slip and I fall, I probably be like, "Y’all saw that? That’s a lawsuit." Who wants to get paid? Like I walk and trip, I probably lay down or something. "Hey Kevin, what you doing?" Man, I’m trying to get paid. That’s a lawsuit. Y’all saw me fall? Or something like that. I don’t really have embarrassing moments and if I do I probably laugh at myself.


Lil Durk

Lil Durk: When I cut my dreads, and they posted my picture on Instagram. They didn’t cut it like a real cut. They cut it, like, bald. It was trending and everything. Bald spots [everywhere]. I was like "Damn." [Laughs]

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2013 American Music Awards - Arrivals

MC Lyte

MC Lyte: So many things happen on stage. I remember one time performing and being so far into it that I hit my tooth with the microphone and chipped my tooth. It wasn’t a huge chip, but it was enough that I felt it all throughout the show. Of course you have to wonder who else saw that? So even if it was just embarrassing to no one, I thought it was to everyone.


Sage The Gemini

Sage The Gemini: I almost fell off stage one time and I missed some lyrics. I came out at this fat ass show in Chico with [Iamsu!], he brought me out to do "Gas Pedal." So usually, a few shows before that, like three shows in a row he had brought me out and was like, "Yeah, I'm gonna just do my verse and you do the chorus." I'm like, "Iight, fo' sure," and I went out there, he stopped and it was just the instrumental so I stopped and couldn't even say my verse 'cause I was so ready to say his verse. [Iamsu!] was like, "Hold on, hold on. We came out here to turn up so we fittin' to start that over." I was like, "Alright," and I came out there and rapped my ass off. I was pissed off.



Scarface: I was in Harvey, Ill on stage and I was doing "Mind Of A Lunatic." I had a cane or whatever, trying to be cool. And I put my cane down. I was going through my routine and tripped over that cane and fell like a motherfucker in front of all those people. [Laughs]


Snow Tha Product

Snow Tha Product: Oh my god, the first day of my first major headlining national tour, I fell off stage. [Laughs] I actually put it on YouTube, because it's pretty funny. But it was like, I ran out of stage. It was the weirdest stage ever, because there was like a random hole. I was just like high-fiving everybody and then I fell off the stage. But it was cool, I bounced back, put it on the Internet, made it funny, and here we are. If you look for it, it's a tour recap, you can see it, and I think we did it pretty well. We put it with a couple other people falling. The biggest thing about being an artist is that you've gotta work with whatever happens on stage. So if I fall, I make it funny, and I keep going.


Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne: It’s probably gonna come up this Friday when I do Wild-N-Out with Nick Cannon 'cause I don’t know what to expect, I don’t want to do. I don’t think I am that funny so [I was like] "Okay, here we go." And Nick said, he took a liking to us. So we are about to go on tour together—me and his group. It’s like "Okay, I want you to do everything on Wild-N-Out." Okay. I am the kind of guy, even though I am a weirdo, I still go where life takes me. I’m going. I ain’t gonna cry about it. "I don’t know what to do. I don’t know with the improv." I’m just gonna go man! It is what it is. It’s probably gonna be on Wild-N-Out. [Laughs]


Yung Joc

Yung Joc: Probably when I was doing an interview in London and I went to sleep in the fucking interview. I wasn’t really fucked up, but we just did this 30-city tour with the Scream Tour. Got off of that. This is how it was broken down—you had T.I., T-Pain, Ciara, Lloyd and myself on this tour. Thirty cities, right? We got off of that tour. T.I., Ciara and myself, we went on an international tour, a ten-city tour. I’m not talking about months later, I’m talking about we got on this tour, and we turned around and within days we got on this tour. You feel me? We were overseas for ten dates.

T.I. and myself got off that tour and went to the Mobo Awards in London. You talkin’ about two months nonstop. Nationally and internationally. We talkin’ about moving around with a real team. It was a show. This wasn’t one dude on stage with a mic. This wasn’t one mic. This was production to the fullest, so I was tired. And the time change, once we got off those long-ass flights coming from Asia to Europe. Nigga, you talking about some time changes. When I get there I was like, "Yo, can I get some rest before we do this interview?" "Nah, we are just gonna knock it out. You can’t rest so you don’t have to worry about it." Shit, you know how I felt. "Alright." I went over and said, "Please don’t ask no boring questions." Like, so, Yung Joc, how did you get your start? Boring. Off it. Lady, you could have Googled that shit. Even though we are in London, I think the world kind of heard my story. I’ve been out for a while. You got to be kiddin’ me.


Action Bronson

Action Bronson: I haven’t ben embarrassed for years. I can’t even recall being embarrassed because I just stopped being embarrassed. I don’t really know. Probably it wasn’t me that was embarrassing myself, it was someone else that was embarrassing me as a representations. When people act up and you bring them to places and they fuck around.



Que: I don’t know about you. Don’t know if you been broke like that but I have. You know when you put gas, you put what you got in the tank. I remember I put like $2 one time and you know every time you tell the cashier the amount, he always repeat it out loud. I tried to whisper it out and he was like “$2.05” and I was like, "Aww, shit."


Ice Cube

Ice Cube: I mean, I been on shows and the music and the mic went out, that’s pretty embarrassing. But I haven’t had that moment that I wished can go away, only small stuff, nothing crazy.



YG: Probably when I fell off the stage or something. [Laughs] Nigga ate it. Had them black glasses on, was out on the edge of the stage and it was all black. So I just started walking, and my right foot just went off the stage, you feel me? Shit was crazy. That shit fucked up right there, when artists be fallin' and shit. Then they put that shit on WorldStar. Gotta keep your game tight, man.

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