Young Buck seems to be happy about G-Unit getting back together despite not being a fan of one earlier this year. Since reuniting last month the crew has garnered steady publicity with new singles and talk of a new album. The “Loyal (Remix)” rapper recently set down with DJ Whoo Kid to share his feelings on G-Unit.

"It's a good look," said Buck on Whoolywood Shuffle. "First and foremost, it ain't no bullsh*t about a check. You know what I'm saying? From the very beginning, 50's always been the big brother. You know what I'm saying? And you know, sh*t happens and that's what happened. But real sh*t always makes yourself [stronger and stay] together in some kind of way. Sometimes things don't go as planned and sometimes it do but if it's real, it's always gonna be there and that's what it was. ... We moving my n***a. G-Unit my n***a. That's what it's been."

Check out Young Buck's full interview above.