After recently being freed from jail, Young Buck discussed a myriad of topics with DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45, including the idea of a G-Unit reunion, which has fans twiddling their thumbs and maybe sitting at the edge of their seats. Buck explains his current situation with G-Unit, 50 Cent and making new music with the crew.

“This is not a G-Unit reunion. It’s not me signing with G-Unit. It's just a real situation. Real dudes is doing real things," explains Young Buck. "I haven’t even spoke with 50 in years. I wish him all the best. I don’t got no ill will in me. I was taught from the very beginning, you can forgive, but don’t forget.”

Earlier in the conversation, the Nashville rapper also touched on his bankruptcy situation, saying he paid off his debts while still in prison.

“I paid my own bankruptcy off from the penitentiary,” says Buck. “My picture was being painted as if Buck is broke and Buck ain’t got s**t, but in reality Buck been straight for a long time.”

Buck goes on to talk about today's "watered down" rap game and remaining true to himself and his fans when he steps inside the studio again.