NWA's former manager, Jerry Heller, voiced his anger as to why Lil Eazy-E wasn't able to participate in the audition process. According to TMZ, Jerry Heller wasn't even asked to participate in the legendary group's biopic.

"I haven't read a script. I don't know anything about it. They haven't asked me to be involved in it," said Heller.

He also thought that Lil Eazy-E should have been given a fair shot in at least being able to audition to play his father out of respect to Eazy E.

"Well, I don't know about choosing him [to play the role] but they should have certainly given him a chance to read for the role to show his father that respect," said Heller.

Ice Cube's son will be playing his fathers in the upcoming film. Lil Eazy-E will be helping the actor Jason Mitchell to play his father's role in the movie as well.