lil wayne


On this week's installment of Weezy Wednesdays, Lil Wayne dropped a bomb. The 4-time Grammy winning MC unveiled that although he's super talented at his craft, he does not know how to battle rap and is not looking to start.

"I think it's a cool sport," said Wayne. "What I mean by that is I think that it's something cool to do. I think what they do is very cool, very very very dope. What they do can't be done by many." He then went on to reveal this shocker,"I can be the first to say that it can't be done by me. I don't know how to battle rap," he said. "For instance, you don't see me diss. I don't diss people. I don't know how to battle rap. Talk about what [a person] has on. I don't know how to do that."

As the clip wraps, Wayne jokes to Joe Budden and Slaughter House that he doesn't want to be challenged, ultimately adding that he holds the upmost respect for the group and their craft.

Ironically, Lil Wayne and Drake are said to be battling each other on the upcoming Drake Vs. Wayne tour.

Watch it below: