For this week's Weezy Wednesdays, Lil Wayne dug deep and spoke on his medical history, specifically, his seizures. If you recall, Wayne has had a history of seizures over the past few years. For his new episode, he ventured back in time and spoke on a seizure he had during a Cash Money show, which resulted in him missing a few shows there after.

“Me with that dumb ass thing I’m diagnosed with,” he said. “I had a seizure one day. And so I passed out on the stage because of the heat. Heat flashes give me seizures. That’s one of the triggers. And I caught a fuckin heat flash. And ‘bong’ I just dropped on stage…Got better. Had to miss the next three or four shows though because [the] doctor said you shouldn’t be on stage…They had to play my song every night still because I wasn’t there. So, they still had to play my song, which was ‘The Block Is Hot’ back then. And so, the shows that I missed what Baby would do was—What Baby would say was he would say. He would tell the crowd ‘Aye, my little nigga Lil Wayne he’s sick right now. He couldn’t make it.’ You know what I mean? And so, the whole fuckin—He was like ‘But we still gon’ run this song for my nigga.’ And he was like ‘But the whole show.’ He said once he said that he noticed that the show went upside down from there. The whole crowd was like ‘Aww. What?’”

Wayne has been healthy as of late. He also has been churning out a handful of bangers in preparation for his Carter V album. Fans have the opportunity to catch him and Drake this summer for the Drake Vs. Lil Wayne tour, which will feature the two rappers battling each other song for song.