Six years after heading to prison, Remy Ma is finally a free woman today. The former Queen of Bronx crew Terror Squad, Remy had been locked up since 2008 for shooting a woman outside a Manhattan bar. The rapper—who married Papoose while in prison—has sat on the shelf for a while, but she's looking to hop right back in the game after her release, with the likes of Fat Joe, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj lining up to work with her. In honor of her release, here are 10 hip-hop songs that rep for freeing Remy Ma.


"Shoot Me A Fair One"

Lyric: "When Remy Ma got cut, you ain't ride out partner/You went to Western Union and sent her 900 dollars/Talking 'bout your whole squad got a scar in they face/That means they were facing the person when they got scraped"


A$AP Mob

Lyric: "Free my nigga S-1/And Remy too, for them two, I'm a wreck, son"


"Green Goblin"
Jae Millz

Lyric: "He screamin' take it easy, love me or leave me/For New York Free Remy and for YM Free Weezy"


"Who Killed Hip-Hop"
Joe Budden

Lyric: "The sad part is we already lost Remy/Or did we go wrong when E-V-E got skinny?"


"Mean Walk"
Miss Daja

Rapper: Nicki Minaj
Lyric: "Get a little paranoid when I count my money/Tell 'em to get security, I'ma need about thirty/Armed guards, preferably large dudes/With muscles, ready to take a charge/Ah, got them all screaming Free Remy Ma"


"Gettin' Money Freestyle"
Royce Da 5'9"

Lyric: "Alcoholic, my kidney color is black blue/Forever fuck with that Remy, love it like Papoose/Wearin' that XXL mag or in The Source/Being the king of the magazines in a Porsche"


"2008 Wrap Up"

Lyric: "Jay Z and Mary J. doubled they bread/Shout out to Prodigy and Remy Ma, hold ya head"


"You Heard Of Us (Remix)"
DJ Kay Slay

Rapper: Sheek Louch
Lyric: "Lower the semi the engine is Henny/Playin' Big Pun on my way from visitin Remy/Hold ya head ma"


"Homemade Hot Sauce"
Spit Gemz

Lyric: "Free Remy, you can quote me on all that/And fuck your record label, I'm the one who ain't calling back"


"My Girl"

Lyric: "You give me strength when I'm facing the world/That's why I buy the best diamond and your favorite pearls/If it was mine I woulda gave you the world/I'm dedicating this one to my favorite girl"