What else can you say? Lil Boosie is finally out of prison after five years in the pen, and there's been a whole lot of hip-hop that's come and gone in the interim. But as Boosie went away, his legend, if anything, only grew bigger, and some of hip-hop's biggest names began to routinely name-check Boosie in their songs. As with G-Unit's "Free Yayo" campaign before it—and similar ones for C-Murder, Max B and Remy Ma—"Free Boosie" became a common slogan, especially with rappers from the South. Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, Ace Hood, Webbie, Jeezy, Yo Gotti and Lil Wayne all dropped "Free Boosie" references in their catalogues along the way, and the traction of the phrase even made it into the rhymes of younger artists like Young Thug, Lil Snupe and A$AP Ant.

With Boosie a free man for the first time in half a decade, XXL compiled a list of 34 songs where rappers advocate for Baton Rouge's finest to be released. Swerve.  —Dan Rys (@danrys)

boosie feature

Gucci Mane
"Birds Of A Feather"

Lyric: "Free my nigga Boosie / He's a gangsta motherfucker"

boosie cash

Yo Gotti, "Act Right"

Lyric: "I'ma tell ya off top mothafuck free Boosie / Ridin' in my Lamborghini with the dope man Uzi"

boosie jeezy

Gucci Mane, "I Don't Love Her"

Lyric: "Infatuated with money / Free Boosie Boo the streets pleading"

boosie webbie

Waka Flocka Flame
"Can't Do Golds"

Lyric: "I'm flexin', Randy Savage / Free my nigga Boosie, I'm a fuckin' savage"

boosie chair

Lil Wayne
DJ Khaled, "Bitches & Bottles (Let's Get It Started)"

Lyric: "The best things in life are free / Free my nigga Boosie, gone"

boosie gun

Lil Snupe
"Happy I Made It"

Lyric: "Niggas better watch for Snupe / Refuse to rap the lies I only can speak the truth / I'm the product of the boot / Free that nigga Boosie Boo / Real shit nigga"

boosie jail

Yo Gotti

Lyric: "Free that nigga Meech, and free my nigga Boosie too / Tonight I'm in the strip club, and do what BMF would do"


Waka Flocka Flame
Jim Jones, "848"

Lyric: "Free my brother Gucci, and my nigga Boosie / I swear to god my life is like a fucking movie"


Young Thug
Ola Playa, "S.L.I.M.E."

Lyric: "Automatic pumps, bullets sound like boom boom / Free my nigga Boosie, cause my motor sound like Zoom Zoom"


"I'm Killin'"

Lyric: "Crayola my cars / Free Lil Boosie / Keep the line around the building / Got me riding around no ceiling"



Lyric: "Free Lil Boosie / What up to Yo Gotti / Ain't too many niggas I fuck with / It's a duct tape party"


Hurricane Chris
Lil Snupe, "318 Freestyle"

Lyric: "Got a chopper and a Glock / Knock a nigga out his socks / Man free my nigga Boosie / I might break that nigga out"


Mack Maine
"Kobe Or Ginobli"

Lyric: "I fuck around and put this fish up in your booty / And don't take it out until they free my nigga Boosie"


Ace Hood

Lyric: "You lookin at the hottest nigga in the city / Fuck the city, hottest nigga in my state / Free the nigga Boosie Boo, I hope he beat the case / Keepin' blunted and counting money, nigga that’s every day"


Pimp C
"Grippin' On The Wood"

Lyric: "I'm home like Boosie, drop it down like a pro / Give it to 'em like Webbie, make 'em get down on the flo'"

lil boosie daughter

"Ali Bomaye"

Lyric: "Free Big Meech, Free Boosie and C-Murder / Like New Orleans, like Baltimore, come to Compton you'll see murders"

lil boosie mugshot

SK Laflare

Lyric: "I'm yellin' Free Scooter / I'm yellin' Free Boosie / You know I'm yellin' Free Gucci / Bitch I'm yellin' Free Scooter"

lil boosie tk3 copy 7

2 Chainz
"Uncut Cypher"

Lyric: "How could I be down? / Free Boosie, wipe me down / My credit card is black and proud"

lil boosie tk3 copy 9

Ace Hood

Lyric: "RIP to every real nigga we once saw, damn / Where the real niggas went? / Free Boosie / Free Fat Boy / Real shit"

lil boosie tk3 copy 10


Lyric: "Free Boosie / 'Cause that's what a nigga play when a nigga eat coochie"

lil boosie tk3 copy 13

"Lil Boosie Out"

Lyric: "If he say he ridin' strapped, he in the whip with that toolie / They screaming '2Pac's Back,' nah bitch I'm Lil Boosie"

lil boosie tk3 copy 14

"Same Damn Time Freestyle"

Lyric: "Chicks like me now and they wipe me down / I might go buy a Free Boosie shirt"

lil boosie tk3 copy 15

Gucci Mane, "Plain Jane"

Lyric: "That's A-1 / FBG / Free Boosie, Free B.G. / You know that's anyway"


Meek Mill
DJ Khaled, "Shout Out To The Real"

Lyric: "Free Boosie / Real nigga / In the jail standing tall like Shaquille nigga"


Gucci Mane
French Montana, "Choppa Choppa Down (Remix)"

Lyric: "Got a Black Choppa and a Black T / Me and Bun B honor Pimp C / Free boosie / Free my nigga / BRRRRR"


Shy Glizzy

Lyric: "Seen a couple niggas on dicks / Fuck them and they clique / Free Boosie / I might just go in for the same shit"


Lil Snupe
MMG, "Lil Snupe Intro"

Lyric: "Refuse to rap the lies, I only can speak the truth / I'm a product of the boot, free that nigga Boosie Boo / Real shit nigga"


A$AP Ant
"Ridin' Round Slow"

Lyric: "Yeah nigga I hold heat / Give a pussy nigga cold feet / Bumpin' that Screw, Free Lil Boosie"


"Hustle Hard"

Lyric: "Blowing that Obama / Riding around with that llama / Solid gold's my uzi / Free my nigga Lil Boosie"


Waka Flocka Flame

Lyric: "Still thinking back in the hood blowing loud / Love the way my bad bitch hold me down / Free Lil Boosie, that's my rap / Fucked me up when I heard you're on trial"


Lil Snupe
"Put Em Up"

Lyric: "Nigga Boosie gon' / Snupe on till Boosie home / I'ma hold it down / Put that on my round / Nigga know what's up / Louisiana ball"



Lyric: "And do ya thing in slow motion like Soulja Slim / And come around, wipe me down like Boosie (Free Boosie)"


Ace Hood
"Free My Niggas"

Lyric: "Let my homie Boosie go / And my nigga Super Zoe / I’ve been on that money tip / Shows go for 20 more"



Lyric: "I'm like Cassidy with 25 million / Stack it up, that's like a project building / Get back with 50 but I can't cause I killed him / Wait, have you seen him? / Nada, papa, nigga live on that milk carton / And my nigga Boosie still ain't got a pardon / Swerve"