Lil Boosie Posts First Tweet After Being Released From Jail

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Fans can retire their “Free Boosie” campaign now: the Baton Rouge rapper and hip-hop’s resident Bad Azz was reportedly released from jail tonight around 7 pm, and wasted little time in taking to social media to whet fans’ appetites.


“#TD2CH” is most likely a reference to Boosie’s song “Touch Down To Cause Hell,” and might be a reference to what he’s about to do to the music industry. Check the track below, and let us know your thoughts on Boosie’s release.

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  • BrianRaider

    History! Welcome Home Boosie!

  • di

    the South is back !

    • 3rd Coast DubiousK

      South never left, one rapper doesn’t make the south it’s our culmination of all our bad ass artists. But, yeh it’s cool Boosie is back.

      • Bstan5

        Ms to La thats what’s up

  • Clondyke Classic

    Man I hope he rocc wit Webbie and Foxx like he used to.. them other niggas like Ross tryna snatch him up so they can eat off his rep

    • HighSociety

      Ross been eating he don’t need boosie need them

      • GHOSTHHB29

        Lmao, Ross would not be eating had they not killed off the underground scene. He has nothing on Boosie, in my opinion. I’m willing to bet that if you locked both in a studio alone for 2 hrs. Boosie would be the only one to come out with a hit. And that’s on pretty much any subject. Ross’ subjects are limited. But that’s just my opinion. Lol.

        • Cawl Stedman

          Lmao…. What world do you live in?

          • GHOSTOFHHB

            Lol, I take it you’re not from the south right?

      • kingbeefimustdance

        Boosie could sell out a tour starting next week……nigga dont need Ross. So many fans waiting for music from this nigga

      • Clondyke Classic

        I’m not talkin about money I’m talkin about him tryna gain street credibility by sign’n a real nigga like Boosie

    • kingbeefimustdance

      That’s real bruh…… trill e-n-t.only! None of these wack niggas like Ross, ASAP Rocky, and all these swag fag rappers.

  • carl

    Boo home mane

  • jmizzle

    Boosie boo !!!!!!!!

  • MikeFromHighSchoolHigh

    The realest rapper in the game!! WELCOME HOME BOOSIE BAD AZZ

  • redinvegas

    “Now do yo thang boosie

  • Anthony Harris

    Boosie need a mixtape with young dolph

  • lisa

    Haters…..Ross dont need no one….He is the best,in my opinion….Glad u home boosie..

    • lil chris

      Bossie Boo

    • ColeWorldNoBlanket

      Fuck that fat fraud ass cop.

  • Lil chelle

    U Know boosie loyal to his soil!!

  • keeks

    they let a real nigga out of jail…that’s for sure. Welcome home boosie boo; im ready for some new music !!!

  • tan

    Welcome home Boosie the King is Back and yeah it is TD2CDH. The King of Louisiana