Papoose King Of New York album-cover

Remember when Papoose released the diss record "Jive-Ass Turkey" last November and went in on Trinidad James for taking a shot at New York and their artists? Well VladTV sat down with the Brooklyn rapper to find out what caused him to go after Trinidad James, and the events he think led to the "All Gold Everything" rapper's outburst.

Papoose believes the root of James's comment, stemmed from Kendrick Lamar's infamous verse on Big Sean's "Control". Lamar called out several heavy hitters in the game and later proclaimed himself the "King of New York". Well, that obviously didn't sit well with a lot of NY based artists. Papoose was one of the first to respond.

His anger wasn't only focused on these two artists though. Papoose told VladTV how concerned he was about NY radio stations and artists not supporting each other. Papoose believes this gave Lamar and James perfect leeway to easily verbalize their feelings towards New York's Hip Hop artists.

"I did my interviews on Hot 97 and Power 105," said Papoose. "If you pull this footage up, you will see me sitting in front of them basically telling them, asking them why is it that New York  has the same playlist as Atlanta? I was the first one to vocalize that in my interviews."

Papoose is known for glorifying New York and the talent that emerges from the area, but he's desperately waiting for other artists and DJs to follow suit.

"I feel like all these chain of events played a part in this happenin'," said Papoose. "But I've been waving the New York flag for the longest now."

Watch the interview below: