Some people are just harder to get over than others and that couldn't be anymore clear than with Drake and Rihanna. According to Radar Online, sources say the Toronto rapper is more than willing to get back with the Bajan singer.

Drake has repeatedly and openly shown his interest in Rihanna, but their relationship always finds itself at a standstill. The two have been linked to each other on-and-off since 2010.

“Drake was ready to walk away for good after Rihanna dropped him, but she has this power over him,” the source noted. “All she needs to do is snap her fingers and he’ll go running back to her.”

Rihanna was seen backstage catching all the Summer Jam action last night. Nicki Minaj posted a picture to her Instagram with the Roc Nation singer right after her performance with Drake. Rumors soon began to circulate about Rihanna going to the show just to see the Toronto rapper.

“Drake is convinced that Rihanna has self-esteem issues and is pushing him away because she doesn’t believe in or trust true love, which isn’t surprising after the crazy stuff that happened with her and Chris." said a Radar Online source. "All of Drake’s crew wish he’d forget about her and move on but he’s hooked — no matter how upset, hurt and angry he is with her right now.”

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