By now you've seen all the madness that went down on the main stage at Hot 97's Summer Jam yesterday, but as much as the performances were absolutely electric, the backstage area was popping off just as much. XXL was behind the scenes all day catching photos, documenting moments, and generally keeping an eye out on who was there, who was hanging out, and who was making moves on the low. From Rihanna to Busta Rhymes to Ab-Soul, there were plenty of people who didn't hit the stage who we found hanging out in the venue anyway. Here are some of the best behind the scenes moments from Summer Jam 2014. —XXL Staff

Summer Jam 2014

Photo Credit: Lauren Gesswein

Snoop Dogg was a surprise guest during Wiz's set, and he showed up backstage unannounced early on to smoke, talk, and generally hang out with everyone in the area. He even stopped to take a photo with the XXL Staff, and was generally in a positive and upbeat mood throughout the entire day.

snoop dogg xxl

Action Bronson's performance was as fan-friendly as you could possibly get—literally, he was performing in the middle of the crowd—but he didn't just do it for the show. After his set, he came back out to watch from the side of the stage as Wiz Khalifa began his show; when a fan in the front row caught Bronson's eye, he marched over, posed with the fan and his friend, and took a selfie with the two of them, proving that sometimes giving back to your fans doesn't have to end when you leave the stage.

action bronson summer jam

Photo Credit: Lauren Gesswein

Rihanna showed up fairly early on and could be seen backstage from time to time, and rumors that she would be performing with YG and DJ Mustard wound up to be untrue. There was one hilarious moment, however, right after Nicki Minaj's set: in the backstage area, as 30 people crowded around Nicki while she got into a golf cart and prepared to go back to the Young Money dressing room, Rihanna emerged walking through the crowd, with almost no one noticing her, and walked away without an entourage as the rest of the people there continued to yell Nicki's name.

rihanna nicki minaj

Birdman didn't come out onto the stage to see his prized YMCMB recruits absolutely tear things down towards the end of the night, but he was milling around backstage, and snapped this photo with Nicki in the YMCMB dressing room.

birdman nicki minaj

It's always something with G-Unit, and trouble and drama has always followed them wherever they went. So when 50 Cent presumably told the Hot 97 team that his plan was to reunite G-Unit at his first Summer Jam performance in a decade, the backstage crew, maybe fearing some of the drama that did eventually ensue, put the Unit's dressing room at the furthest end of the stadium, a solid 10-15 minute walk away from the majority of the rest of the dressing rooms.

g-unit summer jam

Photo Credit: Lauren Gesswein

Bishop Nehru, the newest signee to Nas' Mass Appeal Records, was everywhere backstage, soaking in the experience and taking photos with Bronson and Snoop Dogg. It seemed like everywhere you turned you'd run into him; talk about being a fan first.

bishop nehru snoop dogg

Khloe Kardashian may have come under fire for this photo that she posted of herself with French Montana and a gun, but she also showed up with her rumored man as he took the stage during Nas' set. While standing on the side stage, we spotted Meek Mill as he was preparing to go on and perform—Busta Rhymes was standing backstage, too, though he didn't wind up performing—and right after Meek ran out next to Nas, French and Khloe were huddled through the side stage area surrounded by people pushing to the front. As French walked out to perform, Khloe watched from the side, leaving with French after his short set concluded.

french montana khloe kardashian

Security on stage got tighter and tighter as the evening wore on, but it still couldn't stop the fight that erupted when Slow Bucks tried to rush 50 Cent's set during his G-Unit reunion. Reportedly, even some of Hot 97's staff had issues getting back onto the stage after that, though things had cleared and calmed significantly by the time Nicki Minaj and Young Money's show got underway.

g unit summer jam

Photo Credit: Lauren Gesswein

Young Money executive Cortez Bryant was spotted hanging out with G-Eazy on the side of the stage, watching and talking about the proceedings, while DJ Drama was also there showing support and taking in the show. Also spotted hanging around backstage was JoJo Simmons, and the XXL Staff ran into Ab-Soul as we walked in, later finding him walking around the stadium's Platinum Lounge, which Troy Ave and T.I. also did throughout the day, meeting and talking with fans.

cortez bryant dj drama