Drake, “Furthest Thing”

Jake One: I’ve met Drake before. That’s the thing with the younger dudes that I’ve noticed, there’s not as many middlemen involved. Drake hit me directly. He brought me out to Toronto and we kicked it at the OVO Fest. You know, I send him some direct and he tells me what he likes and he doesn’t. It’s different. I get that from all the younger dudes that I work with. The newer generation. It makes things a lot easier for me.

I just thought he wouldn’t even know who I am. For him to reach out and like what I do, I think it's dope. Any time when you have the elite of music that they do, you gotta be honored when they hit you up. I’ve been lucky to get that co-sign from damn near all of them at this point. It just makes me feel that I'm doing the right thing.

Drake is still on his way up. I don’t think he can put limits to what he is capable of doing 'cause there hasn’t been a rapper who is capable of making a Migos song and then “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Equally as good as that. There’s just nobody that [has done] that before. Maybe Kanye. But I don’t think Kanye is pure pop to some of the shit that Drake could do. He’s still got a different kind of edge to him.

Drake Lint rollers

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra is stepping away from classical music in favor of songs from the Raptors Global Ambassador. To root on their city’s NBA team during the playoffs, the orchestra performed renditions of Drizzy’s “All Me” and “Trophies.”  By weaving together a cohesive blend of brass and string instruments, the orchestra managed to put a quite unique spin on Drake's music.

The Toronto Raptors will meet the Brooklyn Nets tonight, May 2, for a game six. The series is currently 3-2 in favor of Toronto.

Watch their mash-up below:

[via Miss Info]