Last week, 50 Cent released a grimy video for “Chase The Paper,” a track off his forthcoming Animal Ambition album. In the video, 50 raps alongside Kidd Kidd, Prodigy of Mobb Deep and—to some people’s surprise—Styles P, whom he had beef with years prior. The two’s issues began back in 2005, when 50 released the take-no-prisoners diss track “Piggy Bank,” which fired shots at any MC who appeared on Ja Rule’s hometown anthem “New York.” This included Styles’ longtime partner-in-rhyme Jadakiss, whom he served in the LOX and D-Block with. As a result, Styles and D-Block stood up for Jadakiss, starting a sparring of words between the crew and G-Unit.

But, in rap terms, nine years is an eternity. And when talking to Styles today about the incident, he views it as more or less ancient history. While backstage at the release party of his newest album, Phantom And The Ghost, he told XXL that he never really even had “anger invested in it.”

“That wasn’t even a real problem,” he said. “Nobody was going to shoot each other. It’s only a problem when you’re going to hurt somebody.”

Instead, he viewed it as a “lyrical spar.” He’s also quick to point out that D-Block and G-Unit essentially squared their beef back in 2009 and have been cool with each other since. Case in point: Jadakiss and 50 were in the studio together not long ago, which is how “Chase The Paper” came about, Styles said.

“[50] was in the studio working with ‘Kiss. I came in, heard the [beat for "Chase The Paper"], told him it was dope, he left and I got on it. It was pretty simple.”

This isn’t the first time 50 has collaborated with a former foe of his. Earlier this year, he worked with Fat Joe, another target on “Piggy Bank,” on the track “Free Again.” The two came together after their manager and friend, Chris Lighty, was found dead.

Styles' Phantom And The Ghost is out now on the EMPIRE/New Music Cartel.

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