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Macklemore’s  “Jewish costume” has caught a lot of attention this week. The “Same Love” rapper found himself under attack after donning a look that many deemed anti-Semitic during his surprise Seattle performance. Soon after the rapper issued a tweet followed by an apology hoping to rectify the act and now his musical partner, Ryan Lewis, comes forth to clear the air on the situation.

Until now, Ryan has remained quiet, but after catching up with  MTV on Wednesday when co-hosting a beat battle contest, Lewis had some things to say. “Anybody who knows Ben knows the human being that he is,” Lewis told MTV News. “I think one of the key things, reading his statement, that I think is true, is that our music speaks for itself and the organizations that we’ve gotten behind throughout the last three to four years speak for themselves.”

According to the producer “the entire thing was a pretty massive misunderstanding.”



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