Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Hometown: Seattle, Wash.
How Long They've Been Together: 2006-Present
How They Met: Macklemore met Ryan Lewis in 2006 while Lewis was his photographer, before they began collaborating on a musical level.
Biggest Albums: The Heist, 2012
Biggest Singles: "Thrift Shop," 2012; "Same Love," 2012; "Can't Hold Us," 2012
Current Status: Together
Why They Are Dope: When Macklemore and Ryan Lewis came on the rap scene with "Thrift Shop," few took them seriously, especially in the hip-hop world. When it was time to decide who would be nominated for Grammys in the hip-hop categories, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis came under even further scrutiny. But Heist won Best Rap Album and "Thrift Shop" won Best Rap Song, and the fallout would continue from there. The duo also won Grammys in non hip-hop categories, but that night, they cemented themselves amongst the leading names in hip-hop—at least as it pertains to the mainstream. Their sound might not be "traditional" hip-hop, but the duo continues to create smart and innovative music with a message.


Project Details: Macklemore said it wouldn't take as long as the three years it took to put together The Heist, and other than the fact that Ryan Lewis will definitely be involved, there's nothing else forthcoming.
Why We Need It: Macklemore just swept the major hip-hop categories at The Grammys, and we need to see him follow that up to tell if he's actually the real deal. Too many artists have come through with a hot song or a big album and disappeared without a trace for us to not be at least a little skeptical, and Macklemore has a much higher mountain to climb than most, what with his pop leanings and the backlash that came when he beat Kendrick Lamar for the Best Rap Album Grammy. Further than that, he's gotta prove that he's not just a flash in the pan and that he can duplicate—or at least come close to—the level of influence that songs like "Thrift Shop" and "Can't Hold Us" provided. But it doesn't look like it will be coming any time soon.


Macklemore’s  “Jewish costume” has caught a lot of attention this week. The “Same Love” rapper found himself under attack after donning a look that many deemed anti-Semitic during his surprise Seattle performance. Soon after the rapper issued a tweet followed by an apology hoping to rectify the act and now his musical partner, Ryan Lewis, comes forth to clear the air on the situation.

Until now, Ryan has remained quiet, but after catching up with  MTV on Wednesday when co-hosting a beat battle contest, Lewis had some things to say. “Anybody who knows Ben knows the human being that he is,” Lewis told MTV News. “I think one of the key things, reading his statement, that I think is true, is that our music speaks for itself and the organizations that we’ve gotten behind throughout the last three to four years speak for themselves.”

According to the producer “the entire thing was a pretty massive misunderstanding.”



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