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Photo by Annie Leibovitz


Lana Del Rey

Just when you thought Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's wedding couldn't get any bigger, they decided to up the ante even more. According to The Mirror —a UK Tabloid—the couple has scored on Lana Del Rey to be their guest of honor for their wedding this Saturday.

Previously, the singer declined on the opportunity to sing for the couple when Kanye wanted her to perform during his proposal to Kim. Considering she decided not to sing, Ye' elected to have an orchestra take her place. The tabloid also reported that Lana Del Rey will be performing one of Kim's favorite songs "Young & Beautiful." Lana Del Rey's appearance and performance is said to cost the couple 6 figures, according to The Mirror.

The grandeur wedding will take place on Saturday in Paris, after initial reports claimed that the two were set to wed in Florence, Italy.