kim kardashian_kanye west


There's been plenty of speculation as to where and when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will tie the knot. Rumors of a grand wedding in Florence and Paris have been circulating for weeks now, and after an Italian wedding was confirmed last week, it now appears that the couple will now marry at a chateau near Paris and hold their reception in Florence, Italy.

According to BBC, "New reports claim that around 1,000 guests have been invited to a ceremony in France on Saturday...From there, the couple and guests will head to Forte Belvedere, a 16th-century fortress [in Florence], for the wedding party...According to a spokeswoman at the mayor's office, the couple have rented the Italian venue for the wedding party for 300,000 euros."

While the party is sure to be lavish, not everyone is happy that the power couple will be in the historic city of Florence.

"But some locals are unhappy about the couple's takeover of the Florence monument," writes BBC. "Achille Totaro, an opposition candidate in upcoming local elections, said renting the venue was a 'sell-off of Florence's monuments,' while anti-establishment Five Star Movement called for 'greater respect for the city's treasures.'"

One or another, it looks as if this wedding is going down. Still no word if James Franco and Seth Rogen will perform "Bound 2" at the ceremony.