It's Thursday, which means it's practically already the 4th of July. Whatever plans you've got going on, the next three days officially mark the start of the best part of summer. That means backyard hangouts, weekend block parties and all other wild antics that crop up when the weather gets warm will feature some of your favorite dishes. On the flip side, if you are hosting any one of those public gatherings, let’s hope you have all the necessary tunes to create the perfect playlist. For some suggestions, we asked 14 rappers to give us their favorite songs to play at a BBQ. From known classics like "Summertime" to newer joints like "Move That Dope," here are 21 tracks from 14 rappers that are ideal for an outdoor party. Time to sit back and unwind. —XXL Staff

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Angel Haze

Songs: Sky Ferreira, "I Blame Myself" and "Everything Is Embarrassing"; Chance The Rapper and Justin Bieber, "Confident"; Future, "Move That Dope"
Angel Haze: HAIM's entire album. Sky Ferreira's "I Blame Myself" and "Everything Is Embarrassing." Chance The Rapper and Justin Bieber's "Confident," because that's ratchet and no one cares. Future's "Move That Dope." Basically, all the songs that inspire the turn up.

angel haze

Big K.R.I.T.

Songs: UGK, "Diamonds And Wood"; OutKast, "Elevators"; Three 6 Mafia, "Tear The Club Up"; Will Smith, "Summertime"
Big K.R.I.T.: Man, boy. Probably UGK's "Diamonds And Wood," OutKast's "Elevators." Believe it or not—this is a turnt up record—but Three 6 Mafia's "Tear The Club Up," for real. [Laughs] And the Fresh Prince's "Summertime" as well, man. It's just the vibe overall. You grew up listening to these records when you were younger, and you might not have totally understood what they was talking about when you was younger, but now it makes sense more than ever when you're at the barbecue. Like, yeah, man, that take you way back. Sometimes you need to feel like the way you did before you had to worry about bills or worry about the stresses of the world. So those records take you back to when you could just enjoy your food and enjoy your drink and enjoy the company of your family, man.

big krit


Songs: Jay Z, "Dear Summer"; The Cardigans, "Lovefool"; Will Smith, "Summertime"; Q-Tip, "Let's Ride"
Blu: "Dear Summer" by Jay Z is hard, it's super hard. "Summertime" by Will Smith, that's super hard. The Cardigans' "Lovefool," that's my favorite summer joint. Some hip-hop songs like "Let's Ride" by Q-Tip, too.


Boldy James

Songs: The Cool Kids, "BBQ Wings"
Boldy James: The Cool Kids, "BBQ Wings," featuring Boldy James. [Laughs] Barbecue wings, man. Produced by Chuck Inglish and Dom Kennedy, word up.

boldy james


Songs: LL Cool J, "Doin' It"
Chinx: There's so many of those records, man, but the first that will come to mind would be LL Cool J's joint. [Begins singing "Doin' It"] It symbolizes a Queens BBQ, you know what I am saying? Far Rock, Southside Jamaica, Queens. This reminds me of all that. What is it? "Doin' It"? "Doin' it, doin' it and doin' it well." That's a dope record. Not even just BBQ, more just block party and all that type of shit. That's where I come from, so LL Cool J's "Doin' It."


Dizzy Wright

Songs: Pretty much anything by DJ Quik
Dizzy Wright: I'm going with DJ Quik, for sure—"So Many Ways," "Down Down Down" and "You'z A Ganxta."

dizzy wright

Fred The Godson

Songs: Anything by Drake
Fred The Godson: I ain't gonna lie man, that muthafucka Drake. Throw some Drake shit in a BBQ and just he go bananas. You just let it play. Just throw on the iPod and line up his shit and let him go. You know it ain't gonna be too hard and it ain't gonna be wack. He gonna be spitting and he gonna be singing. He gonna be dope. That boy go.

fred the godson

Kid Ink

Songs: The Notorious B.I.G., "Going Back To Cali"
Kid Ink: I just had a barbecue the other day, and my go-to song was "Going Back To Cali" by Biggie. The overall vibe—when you're having a barbecue in Cali, it speaks to all that—but then also having it be Biggie, it was like how the outside love Cali, and it makes you just appreciate the city a little bit more.

kid ink


Songs: Ice Cube, "Today Was A Good Day"
Logic: "Today Was A Good Day" by Ice Cube. That's my favorite hip-hop song. My favorite song of all time is "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by IZ. That's my shit, but definitely "Today Was A Good Day" is my favorite hip-hop song.


Mac Miller

Songs: Earth Wind And Fire, "September"
Mac Miller: A barbecue is Earth Wind And Fire's "September." That's the perfect barbecue song. I mean, music's a muthafucka, man.

Mac Miller

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Nipsey Hu$$le

Songs: Kurupt, "We Can Freak It"
Nipsey Hu$$le: No. 1, summertime barbecue in L.A., Crenshaw and the low riders song, forever, never to be replaced, is Kurupt's "We Can Freak It." Forever. Niggas can't fuck with that record. The way that feel, that's exactly how L.A. feel in the summer, every year. They could play that right now, and it would have the same effect it had the day it came out. I was listening to it two days ago, bro. No lie. And I was just thinking about how to create that feeling again on my album—not to sample or take nothin' from the song—but how that felt so much like home when I heard it.

nipsey hussle

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Nitty Scott, MC

Songs: Baby Ranks featuring Notch, "Verme"
Nitty Scott, MC: My favorite BBQ song would have to be "Verme" by Baby Ranks featuring Notch. It's such a fun, tropical record that reminds me of my teenage summer in Puerto Rico.

nitty scott mc


Songs: The Notorious B.I.G., "Juicy"; Nas, "N.Y. State Of Mind"; Will Smith, "Summertime"
Papoose: Can I get two? All right, thanks for giving me three. I'm gonna say "Juicy" by Big. Will Smith, "Summertime," I love that record. And the third one, I gotta say "N.Y. State Of Mind," Nas. Definitely the Will Smith joint puts me in a summertime-type of mood, and then definitely "Juicy," too. You know music is good when you hear it and it takes you back to that particular time when the record was out. Every time I hear "Juicy" I remember being in the hood with my fuckin' hoodie on, doing something I had no business doing, you know what I'm saying?

When I hear "N.Y. State Of Mind," same thing. When I hear "Summertime," I just remember being real young, just running up and down the block and shit. Having fun, no school, just enjoying the summer, man. You know, there's good times in the hood, too; everybody talks about the bad times, but he just glorified the good times in the hood, where it was just all good times and all good. I love that record. I think Will Smith was dope back in the day. [Laughs] Hell yeah.


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Young Dro

Songs: Will Smith, "Summertime"
Young Dro: Hey, look, you are gonna trip out, but this is the all-time favorite. "Summertime" by Will Smith. C'mon bruh. You know I wasn't gonna say that. You gotta put on Will Smith, "Summertime." You gotta do that.

young dro