Last summer, Public Enemy and file sharing site BitTorrent launched a contest that allowed fans to remix their latest single, "Get Up Stand Up" featuring Brother Ali. Fans were able to download a Public Enemy bundle via the site which included the single itself, outtakes from the video (above), and the 37 stems that made up the original track. The legendary group asked supporters to take the stems and remix the track however they want and upload it directly to them, with the top three winners receiving a prize and the first place winner getting an official release of their remix.

Well it's been nearly a year, but the winners are finally here. According to BitTorrent, fans downloaded more than one million bundles, crafting 100 new songs out of the track's individual pieces. PE then chose their five favorite tracks, which have been packaged as an EP and can be found on iTunes right here. The remix winners are Beau Jestice/Counter Intelligence, Ian De Quadros, Ajay Paul Singh (DJ APS), Jerome “Jay” Bosco, and Tim Raiswell (T/RAZE), and two of the tracks can be download via BitTorrent here.