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Tupac was a revolutionary, a poet and a soldier.

During a recent interview with the New York Daily News, Papoose claimed that he is better than not only Jay Z but every rapper, period. Unsurprisingly, the statement caused an uproar and yesterday VladTV interviewed the Brooklyn MC to clarify his comments.

The self-proclaimed King of New York had a lot to say during the interview, including his thoughts on the way his statement was perceived, his promotion of confidence and that when it comes to lyricism, no one can touch him.

“The result, it was a frenzy,” said Papoose. “It was an uproar, as always when I speak the truth...Some people agree with me. Some people disagree with me...Like I said, I seen a balance. Me just doing my own [analysis] of it, I seen a lot of people who said, ‘Yo, technically Papoose is better than Jay Z. Lyrically Papoose is.’ If you put all the extra shit aside which has nothing to do with our craft.”

He continued, “I wanna send that message of confidence out there to all the up-and-coming artists doing their thing and just not feel like you gotta bow down to an individual who has seen success for a long time. It’s like almost a slave mentality to feel like you’re lyrically better than another person. And me personally, I’m just speaking the facts, but I definitely promote that confidence. That’s the message I’m sending out there...Facts is facts, lyrically [Jay Z’s] not on my level.”

“What I’m bringing to the table and what I put out there lyrically is unmatched,” said Pap. “You gon’ be naming people all day. Let’s not single nobody out. If you start naming, you gon’ keep going. So I’m just gon’ tell you, my work is unmatched. My substance, my content, my concepts. I reach heights that none of these dudes ain’t even try to climb yet.”-Peter Walsh