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Lord Jamar, however, wasn’t as sympathetic. On Twitter, Lord Jamar voiced his opinion on Bieber saying, “F*ck Justin Bieber’s punk ass!”


Lord Jamar has frequented the VladTV couch more times than one can count and he’s back again, this time targeting Kanye West’s recent assault case against a man who called his fiancé Kim Kardashian a “ni**er lover.”

“Your man Kanye just paid $250,000 to a nigga that just called his bitch a fuckin’ nigger-lover and all this crazy shit,” Lord Jamar said. “And he had to pay that in order to not have to pay more…I told you earlier that people think they can come at Kanye now cause he’s emasculated himself. You know what I mean? Like didn’t I—They’re not gonna say that to just anybody.”

On January 13, Kanye West was reported to have assaulted an 18-year-old boy in the waiting room of a Beverly Hills chiropractor’s office. The boy screamed out several racist profanity-filled statements toward the Kardashian including, “Fuck you, bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up nigger lover, stupid slut,” and “Fuck these faggot-ass niggers.” West showed up to the scene shortly after and allegedly punched the arrogant kid.

In order to prevent any criminal prosecution charges, West paid the boy $250,000 on January 29th in a civil settlement.

Jamar later went on to say, “Ask yourself if 50’s girl would get that attack, if Game’s girl would get that attack, even Gucci Mane, Jay-Z…none of those mother fuckers would get that kind of attack. So what did he have to do to prove he wasn’t emasculated? He had to put his hands all over this mother fucker.”

Kanye West has been a topic for the Brand Nubian member in the past, after making comments towards West’s infamous kilt trend and promoting the confederate flag in his clothing line.

Lord Jamar believed the whole situation could have been avoided if West made the right moves.

Watch the interview below:

[via VladTV]