Kanye West Reportedly Attacks Man After Kim Kardashian Insult


Kanye West is known to go a little overboard sometimes, but he seems sadly justified today, if a TMZ report is true. According to the site, ‘Ye’s fiancee Kim Kardashian was walking into an office building in Beverly Hills when she was, as tends to happen, swarmed by the paparazzi. At that point, an 18-year-old man stepped in and helped her in the door, shielding her from the photographers as she entered. So far, so good.

But that’s when things go a little off the rails. TMZ is reporting that as Kim walked past the man and entered the building, he unleashed a tirade directed at the paps, saying to Kim, “Fuck these fa**ot-ass n****rs,” which prompted Kim to admonish him for using the slurs. After that, the man apparently turned on Kim, calling her a “n***er lover” and a “stupid slut,” before running into the waiting room of a chiropractor’s office. A few moments later, Kanye showed up, and he and Kim walked into the office, where they found the man and, apparently, Kanye punched him while Kim yelled that they “had it all on tape.”

A therapist in the office separated Kanye and the man, and the man then told police he wanted to press charges, because of course he did. No word on whether Kanye and/or Kim will be pressing charges as well, but this is a really sad, messed-up incident that makes it look like people are just going out of their way to goad Kim and Kanye for some lawsuit money. Yikes.

h/t TMZ.

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  • anna77

    Kanye’s best pal fashion designer Marc Jacobs is a control-freak puppet master. He convinced Kanye to steal a 40 years old Hungarian song. He is responsible for Miley Cyrus’s shocking new image. Jacobs stalks and tortures a young Hungarian designer named Angel Barta. Read more http://styleangelique.blogspot.hu/2014/01/thetruth.html

  • Dwight McCarthy

    Kanye supposed to sent his body guard in there to wreck that bigot on some humble shit, they could have sat it the car with Kim behind tinted windows, let Kim point him out and then let wrecking begin and he wouldn’t know where it came from

  • Black Jay

    Props to Kanye for defending his wifey….. Kim couldn’t ignore that either. That would be like she’s ignoring part of who her baby is. Nah, Kanye was right to jump at dude. 100 percent.

  • Cole World

    Damn Ye, I know your defending your women but this dude obviously wanted this so he can make a quick buck. You gotta be smarter….

  • icon kain

    That’s why i can do this industry stuff. You don’t feel like a man when you let people talk to your wife like that and can’t do anything about it. Not one dude in the game gone let somebody talk like that to them or they wife or you wont get nowhere. Sad to say but it was necessary for ye to do that. In hip hop its all about being the alpha male. No one gonna respect a man who let that pass. and if you don’t have some form of respect he won’t sell no more songs. No one would want to hear them.

  • LuiKang

    Kanye did the right thing, u dont let nobody talk to ur WIFE or your MOTHER like that… fuck a check. i’ll pay that fucker a check, after i fuck yo ass up. smh

  • Andre matthew

    “I LOVE MY JOB!” she wrote on Instagram at the time along with a pic of her posing with the newly betrothed couple.

  • Andre matthew

    kim kardashian was seen with her new friend Chyna, both having fun on a sunny day.

  • haris awais