Gucci Mane’s Prolific Output While In Prison


Guccis Mane’s hustle can’t be overlooked. For nearly a decade, his relevance in hip-hop has remained consistent. The Atlanta rapper has released more mixtapes and albums while being in and out of jail than most rappers do in their whole careers. In 2009, he reinvented himself by recording at an almost impossible rate. He dropped over a dozen mixtapes while doing a bid that took him through 2010 for violating his probation. His commitment to putting out new music becomes evident when looking at everything he’s dropped from behind bars.

Looking through his catalog, XXL has examined the number of albums, mixtapes and songs Big Guwop has dropped while on his various iron vacations. Check out a full rundown of Gucci’s releases while locked up, from the good to the bad to the hits and misses. —Ke’Andrea Ayers with XXL Staff

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