Any way you look at it, Gucci Mane is one of the most prolific rappers of all time. Since his 2005 debut, Trap House, Gucci has released more than 50 albums, mixtapes, EPs and collaborations, even though he's been in jail for more than 1,000 of those days. A few weeks ago, XXL dove into Big Guwop's incredibly prolific output from prison, and it got us thinking about just how much material he's put out as a free man as well. Since Trap House's release—which came, of course, while Gucci was locked up—Gucci has released 47 projects as a free man in between bouts with the law. With Gucci locked up again, here is a breakdown of his massive output from outside prison walls. Is Gucci more prolific from inside or outside the big house?


Released From Prison: Jan. 16, 2006
Went Back To Prison: Sept. 12, 2008
Number Of Days Free: 970 days
Mixtape/Album Releases: 14 (Three albums: Hard To Kill, Trap-A-Thon, Back To The Trap House; 11 mixtapes: Chicken Talk, Bird Flu, Ice Attack, Ice Attack 2, No Pad No Pencil, Guapaholics with Shawty Lo, EA Sportscenter, Gucci Sosa, Mr. Perfect, From Zone 6 To Duval, Definition Of A G with Yo Gotti)
Total Number Of Songs: 294
Songs Per Day: 0.3, or just over two per week
Hit Or Miss: Straight out of prison, where he released his debut album, this era was Gucci's rise from local up-and-comer to nationally-recognized trap kingpin. His sheer output in this period was staggering, but it was his ability to stay out of prison for nearly three years straight that, in hindsight, is the most impressive. Clearly a winning period for Gucci.


Released From Prison: Mar. 13, 2009
Went Back To Prison: Nov. 12, 2009
Number Of Days Free: 244 days
Mixtape/Album Releases: 9 (1 album: Murder Was The Case; 1 EP: Wasted The Prequel; 7 mixtapes: Bird Money, Writing On The Wall, The Movie Part 2, The Burrprint The Movie 3D, The Cold War Parts 1-3 [Guccimerica, Great Brrritain, Brrrussia])
Total Number Of Songs: 134
Songs Per Day: 0.55, or one every other day
Hit Or Miss: Gucci's output at this time was matched by a sharp increase in quality following the release of The State Vs. Radric Davis, which, again, came out while he was locked up. It's also the first instance of him dropping a trilogy, something he would return to repeatedly in later years. A win for Gucci while riding as high as he ever had to that point.


Released From Prison: May 12, 2010
Went Back To Prison: Nov. 2, 2010
Number Of Days Free: 174 days
Mixtape/Album Releases: 5 (1 album: The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted; 4 mixtapes: Mr. Zone 6, Jewelry Selection, Ferrari Music, Buy My Album)
Total Number Of Songs: 73
Songs Per Day: 0.42, or just shy of three per week
Hit Or Miss: The beginning of a serious decline in the amount of time Gucci spent as a free man came with a slight dip in output, but he maintained his ridiculously high release schedule. The Appeal couldn't live up to The State, but it was still a solid offering.


Released From Prison: Jan. 11, 2011
Went Back To Prison: Apr. 8, 2011
Number Of Days Free: 87 days
Mixtape/Album Releases: 3 (3 mixtapes: Gucci 2 Time, Bricksquad Mafia, The Return Of Mr. Zone 6)
Total Number Of Songs: 48
Songs Per Day: 0.55, or one every other day
Hit Or Miss: He dropped off Gucci 2 Time just days after being released from a psychic ward, and it's pretty incredible that he was even able to release as much as he did in the short time he was free. Mr. Zone 6 had hit a serious rough patch personally while still being able to deliver musically.


Released From Prison: July 8, 2011
Went Back To Prison: Sept. 11, 2011
Number Of Days Free: 65 days
Mixtape/Album Releases: 2 (1 album: Ferrari Boyz with Waka Flocka Flame; 1 mixtape: Free Bricks with Future)
Total Number Of Songs: 28
Songs Per Day: 0.43, or just shy of three per week
Hit Or Miss: Using Future and Waka as crutches definitely helped Guwop stay relevant, even as he was going through his shortest period of freedom since his debut. Waka was particularly riding high at that point, but too much time sticking to one formula would ultimately hurt the total package.


Released From Prison: Dec. 11, 2011
Went Back To Prison: Apr. 13, 2013
Number Of Days Free: 489 days
Mixtape/Album Releases: 9 (1 album: BAYTL with V-Nasty; 8 mixtapes: Trap Back, I'm Up, Trap God, Trap God 2, Free Bricks 2 with Young Scooter, EastAtlantaMemphis with Young Dolph, Trap Back 2, Money Pounds Ammunition with PeeWee Longway)
Total Number Of Songs: 162
Songs Per Day: 0.33, or more than two per week
Hit Or Miss: Always one to put on for the young gunners in ATL, this era had joint tapes with Young Scooter, Young Dolph and PeeWee Longway, all following a more ill-advised album with V-Nasty that sparked a lot of n-word backlash. This is probably the era where much of the material we're beginning to hear now was actually record; you could look at it as more prolific for his hard drive than for the streets as he laid the groundwork for present-day Gucci.


Released From Prison: May 2, 2013
Went Back To Prison: Sept. 14, 2013
Number Of Days Free: 135 days
Mixtape/Album Releases: 5 (1 album: Trap House III; 4 mixtapes: World War 3: Molly, World War 3: Gas, World War 3: Lean, Diary Of A Trap God)
Total Number Of Songs: 94
Songs Per Day: 0.70, or nearly 5 per week
Hit Or Miss: By far his most prolific period yet was spurred half by the epic World War 3D trilogy and half by sheer necessity, as his erratic behavior was quickly getting him nowhere fast. This period was more sad than anything else, and was the first indicator that Guwop would be dumping the vault on the world when he went back to prison—the 10 projects we've gotten since have been proof of that strategy.


Total Number Of Days Free: 2164
Total Number Of Mixtape/Album Releases While Free: 47
Total Number Of Songs Released While Free: 833
Number Of Songs Per Day: 0.38, or 2.5 per week
Career Hit Or Miss: Generally speaking, it's better to be free than it is to be locked up. But it's an undeniable fact of life that some of Gucci's best projects, including his best album, The State Vs. Radric Davis, dropped while he was in prison. If Gucci could get on another extended run of freedom—and can get his addictions under control—there could be a lot left in the tank for Gucci Mane in the future. If not, we might be looking at more compilations from the vault that will feel more stale with every passing month.

The Verdict: With a 0.38 song per day ratio from the outside compared to a 0.3 song per day ratio while locked up, Gucci has been slightly more on top of things as a free man than he has been behind bars, which makes sense, of course. But the real fascinating part comes from seeing how close the battle actually is. Big Guwop stays on his grind, no matter what.