It's no secret that Birdman is bout that tatt life. The Cash Money CEO recently went to see the ink man once again, and took to Instragram to show off his latest markings. Lil Wayne's play-daddy got a new face tatt with the letters "RG" to commemorate his new management venture and crew, Rich Gang. He also got some ink to represent rising new artist Young Thug. On his finger, Baby got the letters "C-M-Y-M-Y-S-L" an acronym for the Atlanta rapper's movement, Young Money Cash Money Young Stoner Life.

Despite confirmation that he was dealing with Cash Money, Thug is still rumored to be stuck in a contract with Atlantic Records through Gucci Mane's 1017 Brick Squad. Birdman is reportedly rocking with Thug in a management capacity.

[via Complex]