50 Cent and Steve Stoute have a deep history of dislike and that beef came alive again in 2013. During a press run for the Tanning Of America mini-doc, Stoute excluded 50 from his list of influential artists during an interview with The Breakfast Club saying the Queens rap star hasn’t been relevant in a while. 50 Cent confronted Stoute during a Knicks game in March of this year. Don't you think it's time to be friends now?


Back in 2011, 50 Cent ignited his Street King initiative. With a goal to feed one billion African children, 50 partnered with New York company Pure Growth Partners, releasing the Street King Energy shot. For each shot purchased, a child in Africa receives a meal.

50 Cent

Over the last month 50 Cent has been rampage sending shots after shots at other people's way. Whether it's towards a music executive, artist or former friend, 50 has been very candid with his answers. This past week he's been on a press run for his upcoming album Animal Ambition which is set to drop June 3rd and has thrown jabs at all but one G-Unit member. Here are all the shots 50 has sent since the top of March.



Diddy/Ross/Steve Stout

Who gets shot: Diddy, Rick Ross and Steve Stout
When: March 3
Description: 50 Cent posted a dual photo suggesting Diddy, Rick Ross and arch-nemesis Steve Stoute are gay together on Instagram. One side of the photo showed a pink-shirted Stoute embracing a pink-shirted Diddy, while the other side depicted Diddy and Rick Ross at an angle seemingly about to kiss. The caption beneath it read: “I ain’t saying nothing, but something ain’t right. Lmao.”


Snoop Dogg

Who gets shot: Snoop Dogg
When: March 7
Description: 50 joked that Snoop Dogg has to explain his reasoning behind the feminine nail designs, by tweeting “What the f*ck is going on snoop. Talk to me about this one man,Damn #smsaudio,” 50 tweeted.

Tony Yayo/Lloyd Banks

Who gets shot: Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks
When: April 15
Description: During an interview with Hot 97 for his new album entitled Animal Ambition, set to drop June 3rd, 50 Cent labeled his former group mates Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, as hypemen for upcoming rapper Troy Ave.


Who gets shot: Game
When: April 15
Description: 50 Cent aimed next towards his former West Coast artist, The Game, by calling him bi-polar.

Puffy Daddy

Who gets shot: Puff Daddy
When: April 16
Description: During his interview with Baltimore’s Q 92.3 Jams, 50 Cent applauded Puff for remaining relevant, but then, called his single, “Big Homie” garbage.