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In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Nas classic debut album Illmatic, Nas went on a huge press run talking to press everywhere. He discussed everything regarding Illmatic, to how did he met the producers and the iconic tracks on the album to losling his rhyme book while he was recording.  It was a magical run. Here are 12 things we learned about Nas from the press run.

Illmatic XX is out now


Nas believes "hip-hop belongs to the universe not the university" now that this culture is a million dollar industry.

Nas doesn't understand how Riley Cooper who used a racial slur is still on the Eagles while Deasean Jackson who was perceived to throw up gang signs get cut.

Nas is not a black Republican.

(via HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher)

Nas lost his rhyme book on the train on the leading up to making Illmatic

 Large Professor introduced Nas to Q-Tip and Pete Rock

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Nas did “New York State of Mind” with Premier in one take

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SONY took charge in crafting the tracklist for Illmatic, leaving Nas out of determining album's sequential order

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Nas didn't ghost write for Will Smith

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Nas wants to work with Bishop Nehru

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Iman Shumpert

Nas is a Jets, Knicks and Mets fan

Nas didn't know if he could rap anymore after he had his daughter

Nas initially didn't want to be involved in the Time Is Illmatic documentary 

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