XXL’s New Issue Features Eminem, Dr. Dre And Jimmy Iovine On The Cover

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This month’s issue of XXL celebrates Beats Electronics with the first ever magazine cover featuring Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine and Eminem. Beats By Dre initially took over the industry with their headphones six years ago. Now Beats is at it again with the brand’s newest endeavor, Beats Music, a music streaming service which focuses on the curation of playlists by genre experts (including XXL). Eminem, one of the biggest artists under Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s direction, launched the promo for his most recent solo album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 with a Beats Music commercial, kicking off the campaign for the service, which is now available in the iTunes store.

In the magazine, Dre—celebrating his birthday today—Jimmy and Em reflect on the impact they have made on music of all genres though the Beats brand and how the streaming service could very well change the way fans consume their music.

Besides special interviews with three of the biggest dogs in hip-hop, the issue also features stories on ScHoolboy Q, who drops his solo debut Oxymoron next Tuesday 2/25. Hit-Boy and his HS87 group discuss what they’re cooking up, 10 rappers break down the most difficult verse they ever wrote and Show & Proves on Lil Bibby, Vic Mensa and Chinx, plus much more.

The magazine is on stands nationally on March 11.

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  • ✨Joe Willie

    photoshop, botox, plastic surgery wins again! 😂

    • big fan

      plastic surgery? dont be jokin, u victim of plastic surgery,,
      Eminem lookin amazing ^^ so does Dre

    • Wyatt

      Its called staying in good shape.

    • AZ40

      Naw that’s steroids

  • Sebastian

    Eminem and Dr.dre looking god,

  • BrianRaider

    Ahhhhhhhhhh Yes Welcome Back To Facebook. I Missed Yall On My Timeline It Was Like 6 Days With No Updates I Had To Come Here! OK So… 3 Kings! I Promise You I Will Buy This Mag Off The Shelf!!! XXLMag Is The Best !!! Ever Bitches!!! #SALUTE2Yall

  • BrianRaider

    Hey Jimmy Wheres The Carties… No J/K Great Cover Guys This Is Stellar! Reminds Me Of The 2003 Fif Em & Dre That Put Yall On Top!!!! I Been Fuckin Wit Yall For So Long Man!

  • BrianRaider

    Happy G Day Dr.Dre!


    Em still maintains that teenage look . without looking like plastic surgery fail .

  • NightBlazer

    Eminem and J. Cole need to collab! They will be touring together. They should both work on a beat and kill that shit

  • mistah dubs

    can we get an album dre? I know its a myth at this point but next year you 50 bruh and you still haven’t laid the speculation to rest you gotta deliver or shit at least leak out all the tracks for the past decade and a half I mean damn we know you got the heaters and the records to stand the test of time just come with it Beats are selling Kendrick selling TDE blowing up Em is gravy 50 all good you getting ch ching back from Suge for fucking you over I think you can trust your records by now what the hell you got to lose? You are the Motherfuckin’ D-R-E

  • John Jay

    Even if Iovine is the mastermind behind them all, it looks awkward on XXL cover, but that’s what it is…business right?

  • guttaman

    idk man the picture looks weird

  • Pr!nce

    I’d rather have Beats Music curating playlists to put people onto an artist they haven’t heard of than some random ass machine at Spotify or Pandora.

    It’s not easy for them. The online streaming market is highly competitive and it’s a ballsy ass move for them to invest. (They could flop.) Beats has never hired engineers to write android/iOS apps so their experience on the technical side is in question.

    IMO it’s the same shit as Spotify with better recommendations. Think of it this way. Spotify asks Justin Timberlake to create a playlist. Dr. Dre asks him to create a playlist for him. Who would you be more entitled to pick?

    Despite all this, Google Play >

    I’m paying $7.99, and I don’t need curated lists cuz I find my own music. You sync a folder like dropbox and anything you download gets uploaded to the cloud.

  • http://eminemlegend.wordpress.com/,http://shadyy313.wordpress.com/ Shadyy313

    Yeah amazing legend cover,god of the rap Eminem,Happy Birthday Dr Dre Forever Shady/Aftermath !

  • theBavarianIlluminati

    Would check it out if you idiots would send my magazines. Jackasses. Terrible business.

  • Tallboy Page

    Living legends making the world turn!

    TALL BOY – California & TALL BOY – Party
    down load at:


    view video at:
    TALL BOY (unsigned) cell (559)307-4797

  • Natalie

    For some reason, your facebook page redirects me to the facebook home page. Why is that?

  • 50cent

    SMS AUDIO is superior
    Fuck Jewy Iovine he stopped me from releasing music for 2 years I left interscope now

  • Zues

    Eminem and Ludacris should collaborate, it would be dope!