Back in Oct. 8 of last year, a 20-year-old Canadian makeup artist named Samantha Ravndahl posted pictures on Instagram of her work as she normally does. As Halloween season started to approach, Samantha posted a picture of Halloween-inspired makeup art titled "Glam Zombie." One month later in November, Lil Kim revealed her artwork for her new single “Dead Gal Walking,” which was the exact same picture as Samantha's "Glam Zombie." Within 20 minutes of Lil Kim's announcement, word got back to the Vancouver native that her artwork was being used for the Brooklyn rapper's single art. XXL recently spoke with Ravndahl, who says her initial request for credit for her work was ignored by Kim's team. "I just went under the image and said, 'Hey, can you guys give credit to me? That would be cool,'” Ravndahl says. "They continued to keep posting it and wouldn’t give me credit or get back to me."

As the story got more notoriety, a representative from Kim's camp contacted Samantha to set up an agreement. However, instead of a monetary agreement, they only wanted to give her a "shout out" and provide "really good exposure." After talks with a representative of Kim and Fendi, Kim's manager, went nowhere and the photo wasn't taken down, Ravndahl posted the situation onto Reddit. Why Reddit? "I've been posting on Reddit for about a year in different forums," Ravndahl says. "I post there a lot. It was the obvious next step for me. Wasn't hoping for anything but some sound advice."

The story soon exploded and got picked up by media everywhere. It got so big that Lil Kim herself had to respond to the situation.

A lawyer from Los Angles contacted Ravndahl and picked up her case. They sent a cease and desist letter to Queen B's camp, who hasn't contacted Ravndahl since November of last year. "We sent a cease and desist out just basically basically saying if they haven’t already, they need to remove it everywhere as well as provide documentation with the amount of downloads while my images was on it and various different numbers," says the makeup artist. "Which they didn’t respond to. I think my lawyers are filing with Los Angeles’s courts within the end of the week."

Ravndahl main goal from the court case is stand up against piracy. "If I get money that’s great, but if I don’t that’s fine," she says. "I just hope that it gives an avenue for anybody that has this happening to them, that they can pursue it and make people aware that it's not OK to just steal from other artists."