Lil Kim revealed her artwork for her new single “Dead Gal Walking” earlier today, but it is causing some uproar from a makeup artist who claims she stole it.

Samantha Ravndahl expressed her frustrations on Reddit’s “Makeup Addiction” subforum by asking, “What do I do if Lil' Kim stole one of my photos to use as art for her latest album?”

Ravndahl is claiming that Kim used her “Glam Zombie” photo without crediting her properly. Instead, she placed a copyright watermark associated with Lil Kim that led her fans to believe she created the art first.

TMZ spoke with Ravndahl who says she contacted Kim’s people who danced around her accusation. First they said Kim wasn’t going to pay anything. Then, they said Kim’s team “works slowly.”

Ravndahl hasn’t filed a lawsuit yet, but she’s looking to get a financial settlement. XXL reached out to Kim’s team who weren’t available for comment.

[via TMZ]