The 25 Most Slept-On Songs Of 2013


It’s been a hell of a year for hip-hop, with the big dogs all dropping albums, the underground bubbling like never before and a crop of up-and-comers putting out some of the best music in years. But with so much great music floating around, hip-hop fans were bound to miss some things. XXL is here to round up the 25 best slept-on hip-hop songs of the year—hey, one list that won’t have “Control” on it!—so you don’t have to. We’ve left these unranked; we’ll leave the ordering up to you. —Dan Rys (@danrys)

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  • 86TILLiDIE

    Big KRIT is the most slept on, period. He does it all, a true artist compared to these sell outs. Raps, sings, and produces. I respect his grind.

    K dot spit bars but krizzle makes music.

  • Ramon Rojo

    Cherry Raindrops one of the best songs of the year by far

  • andre

    gibbs is very slept on, im glad you included him. Also i think that the song 222 by flatbush is incredible underrated

  • Only Salute The Real

    who is that fat white guy? i’ve seen his face but i never get to know his name.

    • motm

      Alex Wiley