The 25 Best Songs Of 2013


You can’t recap the year in albums and mixtapes without songs. 2013 was packed with all kinds of records that everyone couldn’t get enough of. There were songs that stayed on repeat like Drake’s “Started From The Bottom,” street anthems that echoed through neighborhoods like Meek Mill’s “Levels” and Billboard Hot 100 scorchers like Eminem’s “The Monster” that dominated radio play. Just like every year, the mixture of rising stars and veterans putting out excellent songs means hip-hop is continuing to prosper. So, come look back with us in The 25 Best Songs Of 2013.—Written By Eric Diep, Andrew Asare, Miranda Johnson, Emmanuel C.M. & Dan Rys

P.S. Since it’s Christmas and all, here’s a playlist of our list to soundtrack your family hangouts. Get the Eggnog.


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  • Doug

    You Spelled most popular wrong

  • LongerThanISmokeMyMeat

    Wow yeah this list is just the most popular list. I’m fine with calling this a most popular list. Now make the real list of best songs of 2013.

    • Eric Diep

      Ha. Our personal lists are a lot in that lane.

      • LongerThanISmokeMyMeat

        listen diep i dont need to know your damn life story.

  • BrianRaider


  • Juan Carlos

    the list is bogus

  • YungSauce

    List is trash.

  • Ramon Rojo

    BET ass list…fine by me

  • Oz

    does anybody even care about xxl lists? on the nuts of complex much?

  • Your Daddy

    Thanks for reminding me why I stopped listening to rap.

  • AreYouSerious

    how dense does one have to be to make such a shitty list? my fucking god is this a shitty list. in fact saying it’s shitty is an insult to things are actually shitty…

  • JT

    Obviously “Red Nose” was not the number one song of 2013. Agree with the high placement of “Blood on the Leaves” though. No way “Holy Grail” should make this list either…

  • JDS

    lol this list sucks zo hard j cole was a right choice but most of the rappers are just dumbass swag rappers, its a shame that you call this best songs of 2013 list…. let people pick who listen to real music!