16 Rap Songs That Reference Steve Jobs

“Computers” Heems
“Yo, they probably call him Steve Jobs cause he got ‘em/He can give a job to anybody, man, no problem”

“South Side” Common Featuring Kanye West
“Back in ’94 they call me Chi-town’s Nas/Now them niggas know I’m one of Chi-town’s gods/We eating Joe, you still talking no carbs/A conscious nigga with mac like Steve Jobs” -Common

“Call Of Duty” Jay Electronica Featuring Mobb Deep
“When real see real, we recognize/When you see the steel flash, you petrified/Steve Jobs seen death after just retiring/Takes vision to build, God bless the dead” -Jay Electronica

“WWJD He’d Probably LOL Like WTF!!!” Lupe Fiasco
“Standing in line for the new one/Not the black, but the blue one/And I don’t even know what it do, son/But Steve Jobs said that it’s too fun”

“Get Like Me” Childish Gambino
“Call me crime mob/I run the big apple like my names Steve Jobs”

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