Kanye West And Charlamagne Tha God Go Head-To-Head

Kanye West is on a promotional run for the Yeezus Tour in New York City. After stopping by Hot 97’s Angie Martinez’s show, he made his way to Power 105’s The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God.

In the interview, Charlamagne calls out ‘Ye for being a “walking contradiction.” He also calls Yeezus “wack” and said he wasn’t a “Kanye West fan.” See what else goes down above.

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  • Finally!!!!

    I love Charlamagne!!!! Kanye can’t even answer his questions, man up Ye’ you’ve gotten used to “Yes men” around you….

    • gapch

      It was the best interview that Charlamagne has ever conducted. Kudos to him…

    • GET SHIT ON!

      You dumbass motherfucker. Charlamagne acts like he is the shit when his punk ass is ten years behind Ye. Thats why he is too stupid to figure out what he is saying. And for the rest of you that are confused, You must’ve expected some weak minded conformist like these other rappers. Kanye has a mind of his own. Cherish it now, because I PROMISE when he is gone, people gon’ say, “That was the realest mothafucka alive!!”

      • IveSeenEnough

        Why are you expending so much energy defending someone you (a) don’t know and who (b) couldn’t give two shits about you, about what you think or why? In fact, were you you to encounter this meglomaniacal prick on the street I suspect he’d have just two words for you “Don’t Speak!”. Stop being such a follower and think for yourself. In in fact Kanye West does have a mind of his own, it is unlikely that it extends beyond a lust for wealth and acceptance by those whose real interests are counter to those of black people. Kanye west is not a revolutionary. He is, in fact, a counter-revolutionary and I suspect that if the late great Tupac Shakur were here today he’d have a load of venom ready to spit in Kanye West’s direction.

        • Kbeeg

          Why are YOU expending so much energy defending someone you (a) dont know and who (b) couldnt give one shit about you??

      • IveSeenEnough

        To quote the great Tina Turner: We dont need another hero

  • Capn’n Kirk

    Ye is gone. Something is wrong with this dude.

  • Soup

    I hope he’s on drugs. Unfortunately it’s just ego. So Nike is only a 26 million dollar business…. but they are willing to pay you 4 mil a year…. hahah

    • YungSauce

      And Apple is a 600 billion dollar company? You’re missing the point. He was comparing the two companies to show how much larger one was than the other. You don’t need exact figures to do that.Nike has ~15 billion in assets while Apple has ~200 billion. Message received.

  • Nonya Bizness

    I know I didn’t just hear “Kim Marilyn, you know that.” Boy needs a PSYCHIATRIST STAT!

    • JG Powers

      LMAO! I know you in the medical field! Hahaha

  • Zuri A.

    It’s said people are just blindly hating. Kanye checked CthaGod a few times throughout this interview. It was a good back and forth that all of us wanted to see

    • IveSeenEnough

      Checked him? How? Kanye is an extreme narcissist. I would sooner tear off my eyelids than buy anything this jerk is selling. Not only will I not buy HIS music. I’m not going to buy any music of any artist who works with him.

      • Zuri A.

        I doubt he or anyone cares if you don’t buy his music or not.

        • IveSeenEnough

          Oh? You don’t think he cares that there are literally millions of people out there who think as I do? He cares alright. Consumers have the power to determine whether people like Kanye west behave like assholes or not and If Kanye west hasn’t figured this out by now he’s in for a rude awakening.

          • Zuri A.

            Keep thinking that if it makes you feel better lol

          • IveSeenEnough

            It’s not about whether it makes ME feel better or not. I constantly hear consumers complain that they have no power to effect change. They complain about manufacturing jobs being sent overseas and wages to workers being depressed and then they reward companies who are most responsible for making this happen. Of course, as an individual my choices don’t amount to much. But as a part of a larger collective action, you damned right it matters. So I, as one individual, have decided not to shop at Walmart and other big box stores that exploit workers and drive the erosion of our manufacturing base. And likewise, I don’t like Kanye West, I don’t like what he stands for. I think he is only interesting in enriching himself by mass producing products using slave- or near-slave wages while painting himself as some sort put-upon revolutionary. What a joke.

            +Zuri I am under no illusions, As an individual I can’t put an end to the Kanye Wests of the world and that is not my goal. It is simply to be a consumer with conscience. To be spend my money on things I want to see more of and withhold my money from things that I want to see less of. It’s just that simple. You, of course, are free to think for yourself and make purchase decisions that are either consistent with your values or in line with your appetite for a particular consumer product. That’s up to you. I’m not going to judge you and would hope that you will refrain from judging me.

  • Finally!!!!

    At least he admitted Bound was horrible, I think the real Kanye is in there somewhere, he just needs real people in his circle. I hope he does fly out CthaGod out for the next album….

    • gapch

      I think him and Charlamange will be friends after this one. The truth hurts but its good to have people around you that keep it real. The both had good points but Charlamagne rocked it in this interview… He did such a good job. Charlamagne has come such a long way from his days as Wendy Williams sidekick….

  • sup

    Whatever drugs Kris Jenner has him on ,must b amazing

    • gapch


  • darius_sinclair

    I liked “I’m In It”

  • Whipper Snapper.

    By the way. Nike’s CEO Phil Knights net worth is 16 billion, Steve Jobs 10 billion. But who’s counting anyway Kanye?

    • DoYourResearch

      Correction, Mark Parker is the current CEO of Nike and his net worth isn’t even in the billions. Just saying.

  • ShaeZ33

    Kanye West is the mf’n man! Soo misunderstood. IF you really want to know what he’s talking about…PAY ATTENTION! He’ll tell you. He has his own way of explaining things. It makes sense to those that really want to know.

  • YungSauce

    All of you had your mind made up before you even started watching the interview. Nothing but blatant prejudice.
    Ye is a lot smarter than any of you give him credit for. 42 minutes of content and the only thing you people absorbed from that is “Kim Marilyn, you know that.” That’s his wife. He’s supposed to support her to the highest level. What the hell is the point of a relationship if you don’t do that?

  • edm

    When it comes down to it Kanye just doesn’t enjoy making music anymore. He’s conquered music with his albums pre-Yeezus and now has gotten bored. His new fight now is trying to make it in the high end fashion industry. This is the same fight he had over a decade ago when he was just trying to gain respect as a rapper who was an outstanding producer. The problem with this fight now is that most cats, like myself, can’t relate to the high end fashion industry which comes off as snobbish, entitled or just plain ridicuously overpriced for the working individual. He should learn some humility and learn how to better communicate his issues/problems and maybe we might truly listen.

    • Delonte’ C. Riggins

      It truly is the same fight. It always will be. Because the fight is not about the medium that he chooses to use to express himself… it’s about the inability to truly grow & express himself in any medium, because of those billionaires that control everything we see, touch and digest.

      You wouldn’t be wearing the shoes or clothes you’re wearing right now, listening to the music you chose, or reading the articles here on this site, if some rich muthafucka somewhere in the world didn’t sign off on it. Kanye wants true freedom, and not just for himself…for us all.

      • Greg Gorham

        Kanye doesn’t want true freedom from that system, he wants access! He wants to be among those billionaires. You don’t fight a system by desperately trying to join it. Kanye West becoming a billionaire does not make you free.

  • Vernon Alarcon

    FUSSTRATED much kanye? Greatest rock star of all time? ha! Why do you always compare yourself with people that have actually changed history? Dropping the names of famous people does not put you the same group with them. Totally self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic, and annoying are not traits that any great man in history is known for. You may be notorious for a second but you are just a fading footnote, a passing gust of dust. NOTHING you have done yet will be remembered tomorrow, but there is still a slight chance that you can find redemption. Meanwhile, enjoy the digging!

    • mistah dubs

      Thank you for posting this because I completely agree with this comment. He’s trying to have this rebellious 2pac image but the only thing is he thinks and feels that everything is controlled by money and that makes him a slave mentally. Black or white or any ethnicity. The only things he can be noted for are a few classics (CD, LR, Graduation, MBDTF) and that’s pretty much it. You can’t market a revolution. You have to connect with the people and just like Vernon above said those traits of being self centered, egotistical, narcissistic and materialistic beyond belief do not make that. You can tell he’s trying to reach like 2Pac except 2Pac had a much bigger influence and meaning psychologically and it wasn’t about the material things in life rather than how to build people up as a whole.

    • Kbeeg

      Okay dude calm down. He admittedly said hes not trying to compare himself to the greats, so I dont knw why u even mention that. Second, whats this shit about him being a footnote and not being remembered. Kanye west pioneered Alternative Rap, the genre thats not only dominating rap music but music in general. Everybody artist, from pop to techno to rock, wants to work with this wave of young new artists, all rapping under the genre alternative rap. And 50-75% of these kids have cited kanye as their influence. From Drake to Childish Gambino, Lupe, Wale B.o.B,Kid Cudi (its a long list so imma stop), all of them named Kanye. F**k ADELE drew influence from Kanye for her 21 album, just to show u how far he has reached. This dude has 3 albums on Rolling Stones greatest 500 albums of all time, with Late Registration in the early 100′s. Yh, hes kinda narcissistic, but it sounds like ur hating dude. Nd hes not trying to say hes great or the greatest or the best ever, hes actually trying to show his frustration, like u said.

  • John Jay

    Kanye is outta there, and it’s good! tired of the same lame peeps talking about “my new stuff coming? a classic!!!”
    At least he brings diversity and it’s needed, young kids today will be the heroes of tomorrow, and even if we are stuck up with our rules, they will catch up right where Ye left…look at A$AP Rocky…he took influence from Kanye, you can tell…he’s mad young and already embraces new trends, Europe, etc etc…

  • John Jay

    Kanye is a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He spitting fire in the interview…dayummm

    • IveSeenEnough

      A Genius? Oh really? What evidence do you have of this?

  • Guest

    The fact that C wouldn’t STOP saying the same shit over and over again and kept dismissing Ye’s influence beyond just music is actually a part of the problem that Ye keeps talking about. I’m not saying that I agree w/ all that Ye says and does, but C was redundant and didn’t want to hear anything other than his point.

    • IveSeenEnough

      What’s this ‘Ye’ crap? His name is Kanye. Its the name that his late mother gave him. The fact that you refer to him as ‘Ye’ suggests that the marketing and branding folks have succeeded with at least one loyal consumer.

  • Alisha21

    Kanye, you are speaking the truth of conciseness that are black minds are soooooo enslaved. Thank you. Its unfortunate our people will continue to be like this.

    • Felipe

      What truth?

      • Alisha21

        If you can’t comprehend that he evidently says is the ‘truth’( state of my black people’s minds), no need for me to explain. Peace.

        • IveSeenEnough

          The problem is you CAN’T explain. Kanye west doesn’t care about black people, the state of black minds or any of that. He is a fake revolutionary whose only goal is the promotion of his and his wife’s brands. And notice how he never really answers direct questions about why he doesn’t do it on his own? Why he doesn’t do more for the hood, benefit concerts, etc. If you are buying this load of bullshit I feel sorry for you. I for one, will never spend my money on anything associated with this clown

          • Alisha21

            I CAN ding bat, but I won’t explain it to average people like you. It becomes too tiring. So, this is the last time I will respond to this post. I’m done with it. Dumb people like you makes me face palm myself. peace.

          • IveSeenEnough

            Face it, you are a follower … you are in awe of celebrity and there is no bigger fame whore than Kanye West … except for maybe his wife. I’ve got a degree in Computer Science and have worked in the industry probably longer than you’ve been alive … Over the course of my life I’ve read hundreds of books on topics ranging from art and literature, to war and peace, to politics and psychology, to global business and manufacturing. I will stack my knowledge up against yours any day of the week. You are lacking in real intellectual depth and energy which is why you can’t explain anything. Keep shopping … keep buying Kanye’s load of crap … become one of his loyal hyper-consumers. That appears to be the direction you’re heading anyway

          • RICKYbobby

            Well said my friend!! Her saying “I won’t explain it to average people like you” is hilarious!! She cant explain, because she doesn’t think for herself.

          • katzoo91

            best reply, you read my mind…

  • gapch

    This has to be the best interview that Charlamagne has ever done. Wendy Williams has to proud of her protege…. I was…

  • MC

    greed greed greed……how much $$$ and power does a person need? The best message for a “revolutionary” to make is leave the Capitalist thinking behind. Kanye is a complete joke…….I’ve known this for a long time…….why do people even buy his records??

  • Justin
  • Justin
  • kong

    says he wants to be a combination of 3 different white people….Steve Jobs, Michelangelo, and Walt Disney….awesome

  • Medina

    At minute 13 and 32 of the show Kanye West threw out the most racist anti-Semitic phrase equating Jews to money and ruling the world without one person calling his racism out on a show where one of the main themes was racism in America. His racist
    thinking was accepted and silently affirmed.Kanye generalizes an entire group of folks and hates on the few Jews who have succeeded with their intellect and talent despite racism, genocide and a history of slavery. As Kanye West is trying to break down racism in America and speak about ‘haters’ of his success perhaps he can target his own racist belief that “Jews” run the round the world that is as old fashioned and antiquated but no less ugly as the deep seated hate from the Nazi era.

  • OhYEa

    Complete ape

  • IveSeenEnough

    Kanye West is a megalomaniac

    • tj

      fuck you

  • Chris