Wiz Khalfia must live a strange life. The "Black And Yellow" rapper recently stopped by Skee TV to talk about his upcoming Blacc Hollywood album and his recent collaboration with Adele, but there was a guest waiting for him—a very special guest. Yes, Wiz Khalifa hung out with Leonardo, the blue Ninja Turtle.

After Skee surprised Tech N9ne with a visit from masked Halloween villain Michael Myers, you'd think that rappers might arrive at the show knowing there could be someone waiting for them, but from the looks of the clip above Wiz was pretty startled by Leo's drop-in. Opening up with some questions about celebrities Wiz has smoked with, Skee hinted that he'd heard Wiz smoked with "Leo."

As a befuddled Wiz looked on, a Ninja Turtle took the stage with some pizzas and a special gift for Wiz. If you've ever wanted to watch Wiz Khalifa smoke with a Ninja Turtle on a couch, today is your lucky day. Watch the full clip above.

[via NahRight]