Tech N9ne seems like a tough guy to scare: He's a big horror movie fan, he's got a gruff voice, and he's known for wearing face-paint and masks out in public. He's probably the person usually scaring people, not the other way around. But last night DJ Skee turned the tables by creeping out the Kansas City rapper with one of his favorite movie villains: Halloween's Michael Myers.

Tech stopped by Skee TV to promote his Therapy EP, but at the beginning of the interview Skee played a little trick on him. After Tech spoke a bit about the extent of his Michael Myers—apparently Tech sees himself as Myers lyrically—Skee gently egged him on by saying, "You don't have him everywhere, dude. Turn around."

When Tech turned around, what was waiting for him? A giant dude in a Michael Myers costume. Despite being a little startled, Tech and his Strange Music associate, Krizz Kaliko, took it in stride, laughing along with Skee. Check out the video of Tech confronting Michael Myers above and watch another clip of Tech discussing his distaste for the word "horror-core" below.