Last night, SiriusXM held another edition of their “Town Hall” series, which provides an intimate discussion with some of music’s biggest entertainers. In anticipation for Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2—which officially hits stores today—he spoke with MTV’s Sway about the creative process, the current state of hip-hop, and plenty more. There’s no doubt that Em and Sway held an engaging conversation that revealed a lot more about the complex MC. XXL was in the building and jotted down a few new things we’ve learned about the Rap God.— Complied By Eric Diep & Emmanuel C.M.

Why Kendrick is the only rapper on MMLP2.
Eminem explains that when he entered his "cave" while making The Marshall Mathers LP 2, he was making so much records in the zone and recorded songs for a year and a half. He soon realized that he didn't have any rappers on the record. So why not put the most talked about rapper in hip-hop and labelmate, Kendrick Lamar, on a record? He states simply it "made sense."

He likes Pharoahe Monch.
Sway compared the "Rap God" to Pharoahe Monch of Organized Konfusion's "Bring It On." Not only does he know the song, but he proceeds to spit parts of the rhyme from the record. Eminem lives, eats and breathes hip-hop.

He listens to his old records.
Em's pen game is on point, but sometimes he thinks there are a few rhymes he's already used. To keep things in order, he revisits some of his earlier works just to make sure.

He doesn't want to talk about his mom, but wants you to listen to "Headlights."
"What I said on that record is what I feel about it," said Eminem regarding the open and extremely honest song. He did not want to discuss his feelings of his mother in any interviews, but rather have his fans go listen for themselves.

He also doesn't want to talk about his daughters.
"Every interviewIi do from now on that part I am going to leave out. I choose to not talk about it. I gotta leave something for me," he said.

He feels his story can help other addicts recover.
Em says music has been therapeutic for him. During his struggles with drug addiction, he believes that time of his life helped him grow. "It's a bitch to walk to the other side. My thing is that it can be done."

Em's top rappers of all-time are...
Run DMC, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, and Treach. That is Em's all-star line-up.

Balance is the theme.
Eminem kept on using the word balance when describing the album. For example, when discussing why he took the concept route with "Love Game," he said its because he wants to balance the record out to avoid being too "rappity rap."

Eminem respects Rick Rubin.
Eminem is a true fan of Rick Rubin, even going as far as saying he is his idol. He also calls him "Yoda" because he's a master of so many different genres of music.

Producing records is the next step.
When Sway opened the floor to the audience members, one of them asked where does Em see himself 10-15 years later. He said that he sees himself definitely in music, but more on the production side. Don't drop the mic yet, Slim!

Proof was Em's biggest influence outside rapping.
The most emotional and sobering moment of the town hall was his explanation of how Proof was his biggest influence in his life coming up. They were best friends and they literally grew up together. This pain hasn't gone away and it was clearly felt.

"Bad Guy" is "Stan" part two, sort of.
Em said, "So part two to MMLP single 'Stan' is not happening because Stan is dead." However, what "Bad Guy" follows is the fictional character Stan's son, Matthew, growing up and coming back at Em. All in all, "Bad Guy" is amazing.

Eminem loves Rihanna as an artist.
Em and Rihanna have worked together frequently. "It felt like the kind of record I can hear her on." He truly feels RiRi is an incredible artist and they have proven the pairing of two of them works really well.

Eminem is a true rap fan.
He isn't flashy. He came into the town hall last evening sporting sporting an all black Nike hoodie, cargo pants and Lugz. He's not one to put the spotlight on himself. All he cares about is rapping and making music. Plain and simple; believing, "lyrics will prevail over all."

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