Method Man On Wu-Tang’s New Album, Chris Brown And Why He’s Not A Rapper


What can you tell me about the 20th anniversary album?
Nothin’. Nothin’. You’d have to talk to RZA and them, like I said, I just go in and I spit on the tracks and shit, and I break out. You know, it started off—and I’m about to give you some real shit—it started off shaky dog. Niggas didn’t like the concepts that RZA was comin’ with at first, or this whole overall look for the album. He wanted it to be light, we wanted it to be dark. Bring it back to that first LP. He was more like, more or less, we’ve been there and done that. So this is why it’s taking so long, because we gotta find a common denominator between light and dark, ’cause I agree with him, you can’t have a full album worth of dark shit, you gotta have some light there.

Some hope?
Yeah, but I don’t want to make it seem like, damn, these niggas went and became Hare Krishnas, Dali Lamas and shit. So right there, there was a lot of light. But when we went overseas, it started to get a little darker—a lot darker, you know what I mean. We got some bases covered, but our biggest problem right now with the material—not enough Rae, not enough Ghost, not enough GZA. Right now, Rae isn’t on anything, and Ghost I think is on two joints, and that’s as much as I can give you without saying too much, and I think I gave you too much already.

I just want the people to know why it comes when it does come. We’re just trying to find a common denominator between light and dark. But just know this—Meth is on damn near every—matter fact, I think I am on every joint. And these fuckin’ verses, I’m tellin’ you my dude. I’m saying shit like, [raps] “I ain’t tryna be no D-Boy, I love music, I’m a B-Boy / Are you the undercover or the decoy / I’m heavy with the beat, trouble T-Boy / A pit with no muzzle about to pop your bubble like a [inaudible] / Too much marijuana got me p-noid / I’m killin instrumentals with that ‘All So Simple Can It Be’ boy / Shout to Lil Cease, B.I.G. boy / And funk Dr. Spock, I mean Redman, that’s not Leonard Nimoy.”

I’m tellin’ you, I’m hard-bodied, dawg. Trust me, just listen to some of these features, you’ll see exactly where I’m at with it and how I’m gonna come, ’cause I’m back to cadence. My flows are gonna be switchin’ all over the place—dudes will not be able to keep up.

Alright? Peace.

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  • Xislander

    Appreciated this artist’s honesty and his rare interview; especially given that he’s allergic to media; thanks for the alert re the album

  • Brother Minister


  • Power of One

    Hey Tical, peace God. If you see this, You’ve always been that dude. Its like your dancing on the track. That’s always been you. Its a difference in how you come with it and the average supposedly best MC’s or rappers today. You can just hear it. Also, just my opinion, it was that darkness that separated the Wu. You just knew it was Wu when the beat came in. I think if there’s some light on the able, make a track like Drivin Round with Erykah badu, something soulful but deep. I think if RZA keeps it dark but keep the light soulful, it balances. Keep bringing us classics Mr Mef / Wu.

  • TicaL

    Johnny Blaze, Hot Nikkels, Blazini, man you insane Live! I saw you live in Van City with my GF, she dont even like rap go figure. SHE loved the concert. Instant fan now. Also Cant believe your energy on stage man, epic/ Best concert ive ever been too. I sure hope you come to Vancity one more Time Mr.Meth. Also im really reallly looking forward to the new album!

  • L13

    fuck the media meth is my dawg from day 1
    can’t wait to ear that new wu
    werd up to the shaolin