Redman & Method Man Smoked A Golden Blunt

It might be hip-hop’s least-guarded secret that Redman and Method Man are prolific weed smokers of the highest kind.  On a photo posted on Instagram this morning, Red and Meth showed off the latest way they are consuming large quantities of marijuana – a golden blunt.

The pair posed with a 24-carat gold joint they purchased on a a trip to weed-friendly Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The picture was posted on Redman’s Instagram and purports that the blunt is fully smokable.

How High, indeed.

[Via TMZ]

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  • Peso

    man I want to hit that blunt lol…real talk

  • Herb Etiquette

    I enjoy much of Red and Method Man’s music, but smoking a blunt with burnable gold is even dumber then consuming endless amounts of blunts made from paper of unknown origin. Too bad herb icons don’t promote healthier ways of consuming ganja. Nice sales gimmick in an overcrowded market. Reminds me of the old stereotype of mobsters lighting their cigars with $100 bills to convey status.

  • J.D.

    who rolled it?!