Wale is a curious guy. The Gifted rapper has made no secret that he's interested in a wide range of topics, from football to food criticism, so it's no surprise that recently, while apparently chilling on his tour bus, he Tweeted a relatively innocuous question to his fans. "What's the best anime series?" he asked. He probably wasn't expecting what came next.

After some of his followers tossed out a few suggestions—Dragon Ball Z, Afro Samurai—he started to get some more impassioned, increasingly angry responses. First, rapper Xavier Wulf responded with some aggression:

Later, Sir Micheal Rocks of the Cool Kids tweeted at him:

Things got heated from there, as Wale and Rocks went back and forth for a bit.

So what's the social media lesson to take away from all this? Apparently, people who like anime do not want Wale to learn more about anime. Maybe if Wale wants to keep researching the best anime shows he should just stick to Google or Amazon, instead of trying to crowd-source the information.

[via Hip-Hop DX]